IMAGE OF industrial pressure washing in Cheshire

Industrial pressure washing in Cheshire

Looking for Industrial pressure washing in Cheshire ? As you know appearance matters to your clients, visitors, and employees. A well-cared for office or company shows that you really mean business, whereas a messy office or company may give the wrong first impression. Potential clients may even say since you’re not competent enough to take […]

image of k-rend cleaning

k-rend cleaning

Cleaning Service LTD is one of the UK’S premier experts in k-rend cleaning . We pride ourselves on using specialised low pressure k-rend cleaning equipment, which will not damage delicate rendered surfaces – or any other exterior part of the building. At Cleaning Service LTD our scientific approach k-rend cleaning and  taken time to study unique […]

image Roof cleaning company in Skelmersdale Lancashire

Commercial Pressure Washing Company

When you make an investment to purchase a business, you want to protect it.  Right?  Well, commercial pressure washing is the perfect way to keep your property looking like new for years to come. Cleaning Service Exterior Cleaning is the UK’s premier render cleaning and commercial pressure washing company servicing Southport, Crosby, Preston, Liverpool and […]