Image of Pressure washing company Runcorn

Pressure washing company Runcorn

Looking for a cost effective Pressure washing company Runcorn ? Here at Cleaning Service Ltd, we offer a full suite of commercial and residential exterior cleaning options. Gutters, cladding, driveways, artificial grass, roofs… we clean them all! There is one service, however, which has proved more consistently popular than any other: pressure washing (also known […]

image of Commercial pressure washing, Cheshire

Commercial pressure washing, Cheshire

Looking for Commercial pressure washing, Cheshire ? At Cleaning Service UK we understand the importance of commercial pressure washing to your business. Presentation is everything, and an immaculate first impression on a customer is easily spoiled by a dirty building, so our team specialize in making sure you always give the best possible first impression. […]

IMAGE OF industrial pressure washing in Cheshire

Industrial pressure washing in Cheshire

Looking for Industrial pressure washing in Cheshire ? As you know appearance matters to your clients, visitors, and employees. A well-cared for office or company shows that you really mean business, whereas a messy office or company may give the wrong first impression. Potential clients may even say since you’re not competent enough to take […]