How to Clean a K-Rend Render

How to Clean a K-Rend Render

It is no secret that K-rend render cleaning must be very carefully executed. If K-rend is not cleaned properly, it can result in discolouration or even damage to your property.

Therefore, in order to clean it effectively, you will require a professional cleaning company who has experience with K-render cleaning. At Cleaning Services ltd, we possess not only the specialized equipment needed to clean your K-rend, but also the knowledge of special application methods to clean your K-rend quickly, efficiently and with no damage to your property. If you’re anything like us, it makes you much more comfortable to completely understand a service before hiring someone to provide said service. It is for this reason that we have put together a step-by-step guide on how to clean a K-rend render.

Step 1: Use HOTwater

You have probably noticed algae and mould growth on your K-rend. Unfortunately, this is quite common with K-rend because its texture allows for the accumulation of moisture, which fuels bacterial growth. This algae can cause stains on the outside of your property. For this reason, the first step to effectively cleaning your K-rend is to use HOT water. It is important to pair this with a detergent suitable to clean the K-rend finish. The combination of the warm water and the detergent will begin to break down the stains on your building gently.

Step 2: Adjust the pressure

The second step on how to clean a K-rend render is to adjust the pressure. This is a vital step because you do not want to damage your K-rend, and high pressure cleaning can permanently damage the surface. By modifying the wash pressure, you are able to effectively wash your K-rend without chipping or otherwise harming your K-rend.

Step 3: Use a fungicidal wash

As mentioned in step one, K-rend is prone to algae growth. In a climate such as ours that is very accustomed to wet weather, this can be quite a problem. There is a way to maintain pristine condition of your building, despite weather factors. The final step for cleaning your K-rend render is to apply an annual treatment of fungicidal wash. If applied regularly, this wash can prevent algae growth on weather prevailing facades. The appearance of your building does not need to suffer due to the damp climate. Fungicidal wash is an important step and one that you will be grateful for in the long run.

As you can see by the above guide on how to clean a K-rend render, this cleaning process is not simple. K-rend render cleaning is different from window cleaning or jet washing because it requires a higher level of care and specialized knowledge. Luckily, Cleaning Services ltd is able to rise to the challenge. We have extensive experience with K-rend render cleaning and guarantee that we are able to clean any building with absolutely no damage to your property.

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