How to clean K rend render

How to clean K rend render .

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A simple method developed for the treatment of roofs, walls K render and general render. It is non aggressive in nature. The system comprises the chemical and the equipment needed to deliver it effectively and safely onto the surface.

Render needs cleaning now and again: The periodicity should be every few years, but will vary with a number of factors: Porosity, exposure to driving rain, design and wall insulation.

  • Step 1: Identify the contamination on the render: The treatment may vary with the type of contaminant. It allows the applicator to decide where the treatment will be sprayed, and where it will require brushing. The inspection will reveal if a second visit is likely or not.
  • Step 2: Works preparations: Access, protecting plants with a light fleece, restricting visitors access if necessary.
  • Step 3: Application of Bio-cide .A biocidal detergent.
  • Step 4: Dispersion of the biofilm: This will vary with the type of contaminants, the weather cycles and the exposure of the wall to the sun and wind. The time scale is from a few hours for algae, to a few days for discolouring agents secreted by algae (metabolites), and from a few weeks to several months for black metabolites secreted by fungi.

 Step 5: Optional: Identify remaining stains, if any. Apply an appropriate treatment adapted to the nature/origin of the remaining marks. 
The wall surface can be stained by a prolonged presence of metabolites on the surface. Upon cleansing, some faint grey marks can linger: If on a rain washed surface, they tend to fade and disappear in the fullness of time: Up to 18 months. 
In areas not rain washed, the marks have no mechanism to disappear, and a second visit may be necessary to remove lingering stains by brush, water jet, or an oxidising agent. For metal oxide marks (lead, copper or iron) a dedicated gel is used The environmental 
footprint remains local, and limited in time. Harmless to animals, unless ingested.

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