How to clean k rend render in Manchester

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How to clean k rend render…Manchester

image of How to clean k rend render in Manchester after cleaning.How to clean k rend render in Manchester after cleaning

Method of cleaning a contaminated wall render by a render cleaning company.How to clean k rend render in Manchester.

Cleaning a contaminated wall is important to enhance its lifespan. A wall can be contaminated because of the biofilm formation which happens when some kind of microorganisms begin to reproduce in a moist environment.

Biofilm is formed with phototrophic organisms like cynobacteria or algae and they use carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and sunlight as their energy source. The other organisms like fungi also known as heterotrophic organisms that are the organic source for growth which is provided by metabolites.

Controlling the biofilm:

To control the biolfilm it is vital to impregnate the surface with the quaternary ammonium solution. This can be done with the help of Algoclear Pro used by a render cleaning company that works on the biofilm to puncture the cell walls of the microorganisms. It will not cause any type of damage to the render surface. The product has pH which will decontaminate the render surface. Thus, cleaning the contaminated wall render becomes easy with the help of this product.

Result of the treatment on the different types of contaminants:

The result or reaction of the treatment will vary depending on the type of contaminants. The red algae will die within the minutes as the application of the product is done. However, an orange colored pigment released from red algae known as trentepholia will be still on the surface, but it will wash away with rain. The treatment will take 10 days maximum which will be spray treatment. If the contaminant is algal film then before dispersing in the wind, it will change to milky sheen.

A group of filamentous fungi are moulds. These cannot be cleaned like algae but within one hour, once the AlgoClear is sprayed the moulds will die. It takes few months to get the moulds cleaned. Bacteria and Cyanobacteria have thin walls and these are also cleaned or killed with the AlgoClear wash. However, the self cleansing process takes a few days and the complete treatment is done with the help of spray by the render cleaning company.


Firstly the contaminants which can be scrubbed with the brush are scrubbed well and then water is used to clean the render wall. The solution is then applied on the wall and with the soft bristle brush the biofilm is softened. Once the cleaning is done, the wall is rinsed with the solution and if there is any black discoloration on the walls, it will be diminished in about 6 weeks. Then it will wash off normally.

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