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K Rend Render Cleaning in Wales

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  • Post published:June 23, 2017
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k rend render cleaning in Wales

Cleaning  service ltd are one of the uk’s experts in the fields of k-rend render cleaning, façade cleaning and all other exterior building cleaning.

We have invested in the latest softwashing  equipment (low pressure chemical application) , We have also studied unique application methods. We also have  adopted a scientific approach to our k rend render cleaning to ensure we don’t damage or discolour your property.

Business and home owners in Wales often  forget about cleaning your building’s k-rend render when maintaining a property, whether commercial or residential. Along with  the time and effort which is required for the cleaning of larger buildings, or higher surfaces,this alone is enough of a deterrent for many of us. However, Cleaning Service ltd offer cost-effective solutions to your k rend render cleaning. We will ensure our k rend render cleaning in Wales will be done to a high standard, and you will avoid both the effort of a labour intensive job, and the potential risk of injury.

To ensure our k rend render cleaning in Wales  is the best, we have studied the science behind organic growth of moss and algae. By doing this it  has given us a better insight into understanding the most likely causing your k rend render to discolour. We have developed unique treatments to ensure that your render remains in the best physical condition, We can offer free advice about keeping your render free from both organic growths and any discolouration.


this is how a render looks before render cleaning service


We also offer a service for the application of high performance protective coatings, which will keep your render looking cleaner for longer, these help protect against corrosion or damage. Additionally, our protective coatings are guaranteed to protect you against unsightly growths or mould, ensuring your building remains in good condition.


this is how a render looks after render cleaning service


Whether you need a full clean of your building’s exterior k-rend render, a localised façade cleaning service, or simply an additional layer of protective coating, why not contact north west drive clean now? We always offer advice for free, and we’ll point you in the right direction whatever you require.

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