Render cleaning Buckshaw village Chorley Lancashire.

Render cleaning Buckshaw village Chorley Lancashire.

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image of render cleaning buckshaw village chorley lancashire

Todays job was k rend render cleaning in Buckshaw village in Chorley Lancashire

The building showed typical signs of black and green algae staining on a k render surface.

Most people mistake this staining as “dirt”. Our studies have shown these are actual living organisms growing on the render.

The photographs below show Render cleaning Buckshaw Village, Chorley. The dark coloured species Aspergillus niger this is thought to be growing on the rendered surface.


The other picture shows green algae growing on the surface. The green algae on rendered surfaces is simple to treat as long as it is not left for any period of time. Most of the jobs we attend with only green algae come back to “as new” with very little residual staining.


For cleaning these type of renders We use a special mix of biodegradable chemicals to kill the algae and remove the residual “staining ” it leaves. Due to the delicate nature of theses modern renders, any High-pressure cleaning would only result in damaging the render. We have witnessed this on many occasions. Either homeowners or other contractors have left the rendered surface damaged due to aggressive cleaning.



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