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Our render cleaning solutions produce long-lasting results. We use unique cleaning methods alongside specialised equipment to ensure the total removal of dirt while not causing damage or staining. Our techniques are proven safe and effective, and we adhere to scientific render cleaning approaches. That has seen us rise to become a leading render cleaning company that has helped transform the look of many buildings in the country.

Many property owners neglect cleaning render when carrying out regular maintenance activities on their buildings. While the sheer amount of work involved or the lack of equipment and cleaning skills are to blame, the results are often not pleasant. It leads to rapid accumulation of dirt and organic growths on the render, and the property loses its appeal. Pollutants can even cause damage if action is not taken in time and cause expenses in rendering repairs or replacements.

Does this depict your situation? Worry no more. At Cleaning Service Ltd, we aim to relieve you of the problem and restore the look of your property, whether residential or commercial. We are the right choice if you are searching for a RENDER CLEANING in PRESTON. We take care of everything to help you eliminate dirt and algae from your render effectively and safely.

Do you find the render on your property an eyesore and are looking for a trusted RENDER CLEANING COMPANY in PRESTON? We are the experts in the field, offering cost-effective and specialised render cleaning services in Preston and across the UK.

Over the years, we have been cleaning buildings across the country, we have gained a lot of knowledge on the best approaches for different kinds of render. We now consider ourselves the number 1 render cleaning company in Preston. We have also studied organic substances in detail to understand how their growth causes render to become discoloured. From the studies, we’ve identified the best ways to remove the organic substances and ensure there’s no recurrence. With organic growths such as moss and algae posing the biggest threat to render in the UK, the knowledge has helped us keep many buildings looking great.

Apart from render cleaning in preston we offer other solutions to prevent damage and discolouration such as applying a protective coating. This helps your render to remain in top condition for long, protected from the dangers of corrosion or stains from organic growths. With the protective coating, you need not worry about the many natural contaminants that are common in Preston and other parts of the country.

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Some years ago when the option of self-finished render came up, property owners and designers embraced it wholeheartedly. The benefits it offered were many; unique finishes became possible from smooth to rough ones, with designs that matched one’s preferences. Maintaining render was also easier. It only required occasional cleaning as opposed to repainting. Also, no more time was spent waiting for buildings to cure before carrying out finishes. In a nutshell, the new option of render became popular all over.

Today, the frequency at which render needs to be cleaned has changed dramatically. It used to be after every 5 years but not anymore. Modern buildings’ render must be cleaned every 2 or 3 years. What happened? There are various reasons, among them the insulation that characterises the walls of modern buildings. With the much-reduced heat transfer, the render in today’s buildings is more prone to not being adequately dry most of the time. This leads to the increased growth of natural substances. Before long, the surface becomes stained.

Ensuring your render is always free from dirt, and organic substances allow your building to maintain its appeal for years. That means hiring the services of a professional RENDER CLEANING COMPANY in PRESTON. Cleaning Service Ltd provides render cleaning tailored to your preferences or needs. We will clean a building’s full render or a part of it such as the front. We also apply protective coats to render so it can resist damage and organic growth.

If you are looking for Render cleaning company in Preston, feel free to contact us. We advise you for free and help you find the right solutions for your stained render, be it cleaning or applying a new layer. For any cleaning and render-related queries, get in touch with us today.

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