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Are you looking for a Render cleaning Preston Lancashire?

Do you have Green, red or black streaks on your render? We Offer cost-effective render cleaning solutions. Call us for FREE ADVICE.

K render become a “trendy” wall finish in recent years. BUT…look around the landscapes and see black, green and red stains spoiling these cream-white and grey-rendered walls!

It is the modern ‘clean’ look which many architects, builders and homeowners desire.

The removal of algae and moss is more complex than it seems. Many building owners have yet to learn which commercial contractors are qualified to undertake the remedial works. Still, this can prove to be a costly mistake without the correct expertise.

Undertaking Render cleaning without the necessary skills can cause severe and irreparable damage.


Render Cleaning Preston Lancashire How we do it.

Initially, Surfaces are treated with appropriate chemicals before cleaning work begins. Once the surface is suitably prepared, we will use low pressure to gently remove any remaining algae after the treatment while lifting away dirt and pollutants.

Once cleaned properly, we have a bright, clean and fully

restored surface with no damage to the render. Biocide is then applied to kill off spores to prevent regrowth effectively

The building showed typical black algae staining on a k rend surface. Most people mistake this staining as “dirt”. Our studies have shown these are actual living organisms growing on the render. This sort of growth is usually Red, green or black.

What has stained my K render? The cause is most probably water runoff. This is usually due to architects needing to allow for proper rainwater drainage from the roof and down the building walls. When the surface is constantly damp, this encourages the growth of algae, lichens and even moss. This organic or biological growth is quite simple to contain and remove. It needs to be treated with a biocide – a specific type of industrial disinfectant which will effectively break down the living matter while causing zero damage to the render itself. The results will take a short time to show, but they will be very pleasing in most cases.

Should I pressure wash it? We would not advise this. Although it may be necessary sometimes, it’s very easy to cause irreversible damage to the render with a pressure washer.

Do I need to paint it? No, in most cases, it will clean up nicely. Some tough stains result from water running through mortar joints and leeching minerals down the render. Carbon stains from traffic pollution also provide a challenge. Painting is the last resort If the stains cannot be removed. These Renders are sold as ‘low maintenance ‘, so painting should be avoided if possible. However, we can also provide a quote to repaint with suitable ‘breathable’ paint where necessary.

How long will it stay clean? Generally, we answer this with – How long did it take to get this bad? You can expect a similar pattern as nature takes its toll on ANY surface. We may be able to recommend specific alterations that will help keep the building looking good, e.g. add a drip groove under capping stones. Or perhaps changing the surroundings will help; you may be able to trim trees that create shade that encourages algae growth. We will give you a maintenance plan and recommend the frequency at which you should have the building cleaned. We hope that answers your question, ‘what has stained my K render.’

  • We clean StoRend, Parex, K Rend, Weber and more
  • Removes Red and Green algae without damaging the rendered surface
  • Biocide inhibitor deters algae recontamination and keeps your building cleaner for longer
  • If you have a problem with algae or unsightly staining on a rendered surface… Call us. Advice is always free. Please call us on 08000933267. Or Contact us HERE Render Cleaning Preston Lancashire
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Render Cleaning Preston Lancashire