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What are the different types of roof cleaning methods considered by professional contractors Roof cleaning in Skelmersdale Lancashire?
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Are you wondering about the best possible ways to clean the roof in a cost-effective non-damaging way? A roof is certainly one of the most important parts of a house since it saves the inhabitants from heat, rain and storms. Most of the Skelmersdale Lancashire homeowners prefer to use the roof cleaning services of commercial cleaning companies since they have lots of experience in this field. Below are discussed some of the major methods of cleaning the roof of a house in an adequate way.

Roof cleaning in Skelmersdale Lancashire using an eco-friendly method

This is certainly one of the common methods to clean the roof of a house in Skelmersdale. In this form of cleaning method, a professional contractor will use a mild biocide to kill the algae or moss and remove the dirt from the surface of the roof. This method of cleaning is generally considered by the contractors if the owner of the house does not want to risk damage whilst roof cleaning. All the chemicals and equipment that are used in this form of roof cleaning are safe, natural and eco-friendly. We at Cleaning-Service Ltd regard this as the best way to clean a roof

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Roof cleaning in Skelmersdale Lancashire using chlorine and bleach method

This is also a popular method of cleaning the roof of a house. If you are planning to clean the roof in an affordable way then chlorine and bleach method will certainly be the best option. Because the chemicals used in this cleaning method are inexpensive and even the charges are also nominal. This is because the contractors do not inspect the roof after the cleaning process. The commercial companies use a mixture of sodium hypochlorite and trisodium phosphate to remove the stains and dirt from the roof in an effective way. The downside of this method is Sodium Hypochlorite is highly corrosive and can damage lead flashing and plants in the surrounding areas if not used very carefully. Whilst this method may be appealing to the homeowner, the contractor needs to be chosen very carefully..bleach seems to be the preferred method of the cowboy roof cleaner

Roof cleaning in Skelmersdale Lancashire using high pressure washing..jet wash

The professional contractors of commercial cleaning companies also consider high pressure washing method to adequately remove the roof moss. Since no such harmful chemicals are used in this method of roof cleaning, the landscaping will certainly not get damaged. However Improper use of the jet wash can damage the roof and cause water ingress.

These are some of the major methods by which the contractors of a commercial cleaning company adequately handle the job of cleaning the roof. Gaining some information about the methods of cleaning the roof will enable you to take the right decision. Even though all the methods discussed are effective in cleaning the roof of a house but it will certainly be wise for you for to get some advice from the professional contractors. They are the people who will help you in making the right decision.

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