Why a Tennis Court Needs Regular Cleaning

Why a Tennis Court Needs Regular Cleaning

Regularly cleaning a tennis court makes it safe to play on. It also helps to lengthen its lifespan, by preventing surface abrasion and wear. If dirt is left to accumulate, it leads to many problems, both to the owner and the players. Whether done by the owner or a cleaning company, regular tennis court cleaning is essential to keep it in great condition and save in repair costs.

The Dangers of a Dirty Tennis Court

1. Reduced Lifespan

Twigs, leaves and other debris from trees and nearby vegetation can get swept onto the tennis court. If left to accumulate, the debris causes wear to the court from the movements of the player’s feet. The pressure underneath the feet causes the debris to rub against the court’s surface, causing scratches. Over time, the abrasion can create enough wear to make the tennis court uneven, and in need of a total makeover.

2. Dangerous Falls
A tennis court that’s not regularly cleaned tends to grow moss, algae, and fungi. It becomes overly slippery, posing a danger to the players using it. In the case it’s a private tennis court, it can mean trouble for the owner when players get injured as a result of a neglected court. It can even lead to involvement of the owner’s insurance company to cater for the injuries.

3. Blocked Drains and Water Puddles

Debris that piles on a tennis court and unremoved moss causes rainwater not to drain properly. It can make the tennis court unusable, especially during the rainy season. And worse still, it can cost a lot to have the dirt removed to restore the court.


How regular should tennis court be cleaned?

Sweeping a tennis court should be daily, as leaves from nearby trees tend to be blown on to the court every day. When sweeping the surface, care should be taken not to use a hard brush or broom as it would scratch the surface. Such a broom would, in the long run, cause enough wear to damage the surface of the tennis court.

Washing the tennis court should be done at least weekly, but this depends on how often the court is used. If not frequently used, cleaning the court using pressure washing equipment can be done on a monthly basis.
A yearly tennis court cleaning is recommended to remove any growth of moss, algae, or fungi. This kind of cleaning is better done by professionals, and it would be advisable to employ the services of a pressure washing company. Having a pressure washing machine is not enough to qualify you to do the tennis court cleaning as other skills are needed to avoid damaging the court’s surface. A professional washing company will also know what washing products are safe and effective to use for the cleaning.

Regularly cleaning a tennis court keeps it in good state to allow it to be used by players at any time. It keeps it from getting damaged by the abrasive action of debris, making it last longer. It helps prevent costly repairs as a result of damage caused by dirt. While cleaning a tennis court yourself may help cut costs, it can lead to more damage if you use excessive pressure or hard brooms.

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