About Us

Welcome to Cleaning Services Limited

Buildings and the spaces we live and work in have a direct impact on factors that often remain unseen.

Apart from being a major investment they project who we are, value our systems and attract potential consumers to visit, shop, enjoy leisure time and even live.

About Our Company

Successful property managers and owners understand that essential maintenance has a direct effect on long-term value and effectiveness.

Cleaning Service Ltd is one of the UK’s leading exterior building and surface cleaning specialists. With over two decades of industry experience our clients past and present benefit from exceptional levels of service, insight, results and outstanding value.

Our company has grown significantly throughout our long history.

We have acquired both the theoretical and practical understanding of dirt and grime and how it damages and tarnishes our properties and surroundings.

We have invested in and developed new and innovative techniques to take on both the smallest tasks and toughest of challenges.

The following brochure offers a small selection of some of our specialist services.

Our industry knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment now enable our highly skilled staff to deliver outstanding results every time. Significant repair costs and damaged brand perception can be avoided by recruiting our specialist team today to assess and develop an affordable strategy to preserve and safeguard elements of the future of your investment.

Please get in touch if you have a specific need or enquiry.As always our team of dedicated staff will be pleased to assist with a no-obligation discussion and quotation if required.