Cladding Cleaning

Has your cladding's colour faded, or is it dirty? We can help.

We offer a cost-effective cladding cleaning service delivered on time and within budget. We can restore your faded cladding to its original bright appearance with minimum disruption to the running of your business or any damage to your building.

Cladding cleaning services by professionals

In these competitive times, a good first impression can be the difference between a customer visiting your business or choosing one of your competitors. A clean exterior is essential for the successful running of your business premises, conveying your professionalism and the high quality of service which you can offer your customers.

Our cladding cleaning service can restore your building to its original bright appearance with minimum disruption to the running of your business or damage to the cladding itself. Having your cladding professionally cleaned can also extend its lifespan, preventing potentially expensive repair bills, thus saving money long term.

How do we get the best cleaning results?

Our services are available to both industrial and domestic customers. We are big enough to handle the largest commercial jobs. Yet, we recognise that domestic customers should also benefit from our expertise. We have gained some fantastic commercial clients from jobs we initially did at their homes!

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Cladding cleaning restoration

The chemicals to restore cladding are all eco-friendly and bio-degradable, reducing the environmental footprint of our work. Our staff undergo regular training from site safety to chemical application techniques to ensure the exceptional quality of our work. All staff are supplied with uniforms and are polite.
We use various specialist equipment, including water-fed poles and cherry pickers. This ensures our cladding service is completed to a high standard and on time. We understand that maintenance and other services, like cladding washing, can sometimes interrupt the regular running of your business.
We will work evenings, overnight and at the weekends to cause minimal disruption to the running of your business, the duties of your staff or the experience of your customers.
If you would like to discuss how our cladding service can benefit your business or commercial property. Please call Cleaning Service Ltd. We will gladly give you a no-obligation quote or free advice. You can also fill out our form, so please get in touch with us. Call 08000933267 or use this form here

Exterior cladding clean on houses

If you have cladding on a building that requires cleaning, give us a call – our advice is always free. Although we mainly work in the Merseyside, Lancashire and Cheshire areas, we will travel nationwide by appointment.

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