Playground cleaning service

Do you want your playground to look like new?

Our specialist Playground cleaning service can transform a tired wet pour playground safety surface restoring it to how it looked when it was first laid. Regular cleaning will not only keep the surface in excellent condition. It will also prevent it becoming a slip hazard and help prevent the spread of germs that inhabit these surfaces.

Specialist Playground Cleaning Service

Playground surfaces like wet pour rubber are designed to withstand all weathers and heavy usage whilst still providing a safe fun environment. But even the toughest wet pour surfaces will need the regular maintenance to help keep them performing at the highest level.

We believe we offer a complete wet pour cleaning service than other ”cleaning companies”. We have studied the science behind cleaning these specialist wet pour surfaces, following RoSPA guidelines and we can ensure your surfaces are left sterile, clean and with no damage.

In today’s “where there’s a blame there’s a claim” society we need to take all reasonable steps to ensure we have taken precautions to reduce the risk as much as humanely possible. We also issue certificates of cleaning for every job we carry out.

Playground cleaning company in Skelmersdale Lancashire

It’s not possible to prevent dirt from getting into your playground, especially if it’s used often, and partly owing to the UK climate. What matters is how well and frequently you clean it. Left to deteriorate, a playground can cost you a lot by needing to be replaced. But why undergo the expense of a playground overhaul when you can avoid it by having it cleaned regularly? Get professionals to clean the playground and worry no more about any possible long-term damage to it, or the possibility of parents avoiding it.

And, don’t just have it cleaned, but have the work done by professionals. You only need to contact us today, and we will deep clean the playground you thought was beyond rescue, and have children happily using it again.

Maintenance of wet pour playground surfaces

Other than the periodic removal of debris and regular cleaning with a weak detergent there is little that can be done without engaging the services of professional cleaning contractors such as ourselves. We have specialist machinery that can deep clean the playground and have access to specialist biodegradable cleaning products to ensure the wet pour is left looking good and also sanitised.

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Professional Playground cleaners

There is an old saying that goes “Prevention is better than cure” this seems to apply to playground environments. Whilst there is no legal requirement to have wet pour playground surfaces cleaned regularly, these areas can become slippery when algae forms on them and contaminated from the children themselves through coughs spills and “accidents”. Also, the local animal life is a contributing factor with dogs, cats, foxes rats etc regularly visiting such areas.

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