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Stonehealth Doff Steam Cleaning

Over time, dirt, grime, biological matter and other materials cover buildings, making them lose appeal. The pollutants can be removed using various methods. However, not all techniques are safe or effective. Some end up damaging the substrate, while others don’t produce the desired results. Stonehealth Doff Steam Cleaning involves the use of superheated water at low pressure which makes it the safest way to remove pollutants from the exteriors of buildings.

It results in no damage and can be used on both delicate and hard surfaces. Stonehealth Doff Steam Cleaning produces impressive and long-lasting results.

We are specialists in Stonehealth Doff Steam Cleaning to remove all kinds of pollutants from buildings. As a professional cleaning company, we help property owners and managers to transform the look of their dirt-covered properties. We clean, preserve and restore buildings whose masonry has been degraded by weathering, decay and environmental pollution. Using Stonehealth Doff Steam Cleaning, we help remove unwanted paint, graffiti, moss, algae, fungi and other matter from your property to restore its appeal.

Why we Use Stonehealth's Doff Steam Cleaner

The Doff machine has always been the equipment to use when it comes to cleaning buildings. It cleans superbly, plus it poses no danger to the substrate. It’s the only cleaning equipment that’s approved by the English Heritage for the removal of contaminants from buildings. The machine consists of a water heating system, an adjustable nozzle and pressure and temperature controls. It heats the water while controlling the pressure at which steam jets out of the nozzle to keep it low. As a result, delicate surfaces don’t get damaged.

The cleaning steam results from water that’s been heated up to 150°C. It’s this superheated water/steam that tears through both biological and non-biological contaminants removing them and killing off spores. It results in not only the total elimination of the dirt but also a halt to the biological growths. Using this machine and our expertise in the field, we assure you of the best of results. The Doff steam cleaner is a complex and costly machine that requires adequate training to operate. That’s why we ensure our employees are fully knowledgeable in its use and trained by Stonehealth.

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Why You Should Choose Doff Steam Cleaning?

There are various reasons to prefer this cleaning technique. It doesn’t use any chemicals to remove biological matter which makes it an environmentally sound method. The heat of the steam cleans organic growths while also killing off the spores without the need for any biocide. Unlike cold water pressure-washing using that’s ineffective on some pollutants, Doff steam cleaning easily clears your building of contaminants. It strips paint from surfaces, dissolves greasy contaminants, biological growths and a variety of other materials.

The Doff steam cleaner also doesn’t use high pressure which makes it gentle on a variety of surfaces including the delicate ones. It’s the only cleaning method that effectively removes dirt and organic growths without harming the surfaces being cleaned. Because the steam kills the spores of algae moss, fungi and other organic matter, regrowth doesn’t occur, and your building remains clean for a long time.

We Have Adequate Experience in Doff Steam Cleaning

We have been cleaning buildings across the UK for years using Doff steam machines. This has given us enough experience to deal with all types of pollutants and on different kinds of surfaces. We clean residential, commercial, industrial and even historic buildings. Our team is made up of experts who are trained by Stonehealth on the use of Doff machines and fully certified to operate them. This assures you of the proper use of the equipment as well as the right cleaning process for the type of building material you’ve used on your property. The workers are also trained in different techniques to clean building exteriors and other surfaces.

Professional Doff Steam Cleaners

It doesn’t matter how delicate the surface of a building is. Because of the low pressures used in Doff steam cleaning, you’re assured that your brick or stonework will not be affected. The amount of water involved is also minimal, which means your building dries up fast. It doesn’t matter, too, the age of your building or even the design. We clean them all, from historical buildings to modern ones. We have the expertise, training and experience. By using the right techniques, processes and equipment, we ensure excellent results and that the substrate of the masonry remains unscathed.

Our Range of Doff Steam Cleaning Services

We offer services to clean both commercial and residential buildings. Industrial ones too, as well as heritage buildings. Our expertise allows us to clean both old and new buildings that have been built using any kind of materials. We clean a variety of surfaces including;

  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Render
  • Concrete and
  • metal

We use a Doff steam cleaner to remove different types of pollutants such as dirt, grime, unwanted paint, graffiti, moss, algae, fungi and other biological growths. The machine is fairly quiet which makes our cleaning processes less disruptive. Besides that, we strive to ensure that our cleaning activities do not affect the normal business in your premises. We give you the option to have us clean your property during or out of work hours- it all depends on your preference.

We also have the necessary equipment to ensure the safety of both our workers and the people using your building. Our cleaning team is trained in safety and certified by IPAF, WAHR, CSCS and PASMA. That means you can rest assured that we perform all our cleaning activities not only efficiently but also with adherence to the highest level of safety standards.

Contact us if looking for a professional company to get rid of the dirt covering your building. We will do that using the safe and efficient Doff steam cleaner from Stonehealth. With the machine, the experience we have gained over the years and our expertise, we assure you of excellent results that even exceed your expectations. The process to have us clean your building is simple; give us a call today or get in touch using the online form. We are always on the ready and will arrange for a survey of your property so we can provide you with a quotation.
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