K Rend Render Cleaning service

Do you have Red, Green or Black marks on your render? We can make it look like new

Cleaning Service Ltd is one of the UK’s most trusted experts in the fields of K-Rend render cleaning. We also specialise in façade cleaning and can clean all types of render professionally. We are recommended by K-rend themselves and our render cleaning will not invalidate your K-rend warranty.

K-rend cleaning

If you have Black , Red or Green algae growing on your render we can help. To improve our K-rend render cleaning service we studied the science behind algae and mould growth. This study has given us a far greater insight and understanding of what is causing your render to discolour or why algae grows on it. Our in-house team have developed specialist treatments and equipment to ensure that we can deep clean your render, so it remains in the best physical condition and free from both organic growths and any discolouration.

We have seen the damage caused to clients property when they have employed cleaning contractors that don’t understand the techniques used to clean this delicate surface. The use of harsh chemicals in rapidly becoming commonplace in the industry, whilst these offer a “quick” fix the effects of damage caused last a lot longer.

We ensure our K-rend render cleaning methods will not damage or discolour your property or surrounding areas. All of the products we used are eco-friendly and biodegradable. They are recommended by the render manufacturers themselves. Our chemicals and our service will not invalidate any warranties you have with your render.


Certified K-render Cleaners

Whether you need a full clean of your building’s exterior render or localised clean please feel free to contact us. We offer free advice no obligation advice on all matters pertaining to the cleaning of render. We also can provide structured maintenance plans that when implemented correctly will preserve the render, reducing the cost of maintaining it.

If you would like to discuss the ways in which our render cleaning service can benefit your business or commercial property, please call Cleaning Service Ltd for free. We will be happy to give you a no-obligation quote or free advice. You can also fill out our FORM, so please feel free to contact us.

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Professional render cleaning

Cleaning Service Ltd 0ffer a cost-effective solution to your K-rend render cleaning issues. We will carry out work to a high professional standard, and the property owner will avoid both the effort of a labour intensive job and the potential risk of injury.

If you have a K-rend render cleaning project give us a call and we can give you a free consultation to talk you through the process and give you expert advice. Tel 08000933267 or use our contact form below.

For more information, about our K-rend render cleaning service feel free to contact us. Calls are not charged, and we’re always happy to discuss the ways in which our cleaning services can benefit you, whatever your requirements.

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