Algae on k rend render ?

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Green algae on k-rend render in Liverpool merseyside.

Algae on K rend render…green or red algae what does it mean?

K Rend Renders provide a low maintenance solution to external walls on all commercial and residential properties.

Although generally k-rend renders are very low maintenance and  accepted as the best render on the market . To keep the k-rend looking as fresh as the day it was applied it makes sense to periodically clean it, as with all things it can get dirty.

Once a year a quick spray fungicidal wash will prevent Algae on k rend render from growing on the North facing prevailing walls, these can be prone to algae by remaining wet over long periods. Areas in shade such as in the shadow of trees can also go green…this is not a problem with the K-rend . It is more an “environmental “ issue.

Generally speaking gren or red Algae on k rend render will not cause any problems…although it looks unsightly !  Black staining on K-rend is the one that does the damage.

These Fungi species thought to be common contaminants on substrates such as roofs, pavements and walls are the pigment producing Aureobasidiumsp sp., and Cladosporium sp. and Alternaria sp. These fungi will rapidly spread and colonise the k-rend render causing disfigurement and decay as they release of pigments and acids respectively.

These fungi are useually apparent under cills , the apex of the roof etc. Again these are not a problem with the K-rend render itself but more a design fault in the building that leads to “micro” enviroments being created the these Fugi thrive in.


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