Black limestone sealer company

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Black limestone sealer company

Black limestone paving has recently become extremely  popular with garden designers and landscape contractors . Natural black limestone lends itself well  both traditional and contemporary patio designs, it can also be laid within the home as well as in the garden as this enables a natural transition from home to garden.

Black limestone is hard-wearing; it’s easy to obtain  and it’s very reasonably priced.These are the good points. What many  of the suppliers selling black limestone  always forget to mention is it doesn’t stay black for long once its laid externally .Once it is subject to some great british weather it soon resorts to it’s true state, which is a rather drab and boring light dirty grey colour – not the sort of look you were after for your expensive patio.

Time and time again we are asked “what went wrong?” “why did this happen?” we have the answers but it does not help the homeowner as is left to look at the grey mass,  where the shiny black patio used to be.So what can we do? We have highlighted below the procedure to restore your patio. It is an easy job to the active DIY homeowner, you can call us for free advice or we would be happy to quote to do the job.

Firstly the Black limestone needs to be deep cleaned to remove surface dirt and open up the pores of the stone so it can accept the sealant. Most patio cleaners are acid based , these need to be avoided the do irreparable damage to black lime .The Black limestone then need to be allowed to dry thoroughly any sort of damp in the stone will manifest itself  as opaque stains , that once sealed in are very difficult to remove.

Finally we apply a high quality imported Black limestone sealer which enhances and seals the Limestone against further degradation from the weather.

If You require your limestone to be rejuvenated contact us here or Call us for free advice 08000933267