Black marks on k rend render…how to remove them.

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image of Black marks on k rend render liverpool merseysideBlack marks k rend render

Black marks on  k rend render these   are various types of Algae and fungi that can destroy the render on buildings. These are microorganisms which can damage the buildings and destroy  their beauty. These microorganisms form by taking the energy from sunlight and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In moist environment, the formation of these microorganisms or biofilm is more and therefore.The render surface of the buildings need a proper treatment from the render cleaning company. Let’s check few types of these microorganisms that can destroy the render surface of these buildings.


The formation of Chemoorganotrophic fungi is generally seen on the stone crusts. By biocorrosive activity or hypnal growth these types of fungi penetrate in the render. This happens because of the excretion of organic acids and the oxidation of mineral forming cations like manganese or iron. It causes discoloration of stone surfaces and leaves rust like stains as well.


Mosses are non vascular plants that need access to nutrients and good amount of moisture to develop. They make use of sunlight to make food using photosynthesis. On a rooftop where there is moist environment and is also shaded with the help of tress develops mosses. These grow mostly in winter and in summers it dries out leaving stains of brown colour. These add weight to the roof and it also falls down in gutters and pipes causing blockages.

Algae and cyanobacteria:

These can grow on the stone surfaces and also penetrate in the stone system. Alage and cyanobacteria causes a lot of pigmentation which leaches into the substrate on which it is developing. In cold temperature with high level of rainfall as well as humidity, the growth of algae in different species is found.

Treatment of such types of contaminants and bacteria:           

So, there are many more contaminants which can cause lot of damage, discoloration and stains to the render surfaces. A render cleaning company applies a biocidal wash to get rid of them. The treatment plan may differ for each of these types. The treatment with a boi-vcide wash is certainly important but sometimes, the need to scrub and brush these kinds of microorganisms is crucial too.

Most Black marks are Fungal this can be removed from the sand stones and other kinds of stones in residential as well as commercial areas. The species are killed and depending on the weather the treatment is performed to give a beautiful new look to the buildings that are stain and bacteria free.

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