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Brick cleaning company in Preston

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Are you looking for a professional Brick cleaning company in Preston Lancashire? If so we can help.

Brick cleaning company in Preston Lancashire

Conditions in Preston, Lancashire, often cause brick houses and the brickwork of commercial and domestic buildings to become stained or covered with unwanted substances. The pollutants include dust, grime, carbon stains, algae and moss. At Cleaning Service Ltd, we’re a specialist Brick cleaning company in Preston Lancashire and other UK areas. We have the necessary equipment, knowledge, and a team of dedicated workers to carry out any brick-cleaning work across the country. Having been in this field for years, you can trust us to offer services that meet or surpass your expectations.

As a professional Brick cleaning company in Preston Lancashire We have adequate knowledge and experience to know what techniques and chemicals are safe and which are not. As a result, we always use ways and cleaning substances that produce the required results while not causing damage. Some methods are overly aggressive and can make the surface being cleaned to corrode.

Some chemicals don’t wash off surfaces thoroughly, leaving brickwork surfaces stained. We avoid using all those, limiting our cleaning to utilising gentle solutions and techniques that leave your brick walls intact but spotlessly clean.

For instance, Brick cleaning using acid. Brick cleaning with hydrofluoric acid is an efficient and cost-effective way to restore the appearance of brickwork. This type of acid provides effective deep-cleaning action, removing dirt, grime, and other contaminants that can cause damage to brick surfaces over time. It is crucial to use hydrofluoric acid properly to ensure safe and effective cleaning.

At Cleaning Service Ltd, we use both physical and chemical means to remove the dirt and stains on brickwork. They include soda blasting, pressure cleaning and steaming. We also use a method known as surface redressing to bring back the bright look of your stone or brick surfaces.

To ensure a more rounded approach to the cleaning work, we’ve appropriately trained on using Restorative Techniques and Stonehealth’s cleaning processes and equipment. Among the techniques, we use include the popular DOFF from Stonehealth and Thermatech from the well-known company in the field, Restorative Techniques. It makes our services for brick cleaning in Preston effective, efficient and safe.

The cleaning method to use depends on the work at hand. Some brickworks are too delicate and require gentle washing techniques, while some types of dirt need specific chemicals. For example, we use the Thermatech method to remove grease and paints from the stonework. The technique is not only gentle on different types of surfaces but also produces stunning results. We carry out some tests at no cost to give an idea of how well a technique or chemical will clean.

The individuals in our cleaning teams are not only highly trained to clean brick houses and commercial brickwork but also have adequate experience. They’re experts in the field, having cleaned many different buildings, such as commercial, residential and historical monuments. They’re also professional and will carry out the assigned work with utmost honesty and dedication.

We offer free cleaning advice to our customers by discussing their cleaning problems and providing suggestions for solutions. We have adequate personnel in all our stations across the UK, which assures you of no delay for your brick cleaning in Preston. Because we care about the satisfaction of our customers, the methods and equipment we use to clean your building are safe and efficient. The masonry will remain unaffected, with only the dirt coming off. You only need to contact us by phone or email so we can make arrangements for the cleaning.

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