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Looking for FREE no obligation brick cleaning advice ? CLICK HERE.

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Brick cleaning

Here at Cleaning service ltd, we use our years of experience and expertise to provide one of the United Kingdom’s most efficient Brick cleaning services, taking advantage of specialised techniques and industry-leading equipment from Stonehealth and Restorative Techniques. Stonehealth’s DOFF and Restoratives Thermatec.

We have worked for years in the surface conservation and restoration fields, and take pride in our ability to remove the most stubborn stains or vandalism without causing any damage to the stonework underneath. We use a number of physical and chemical approaches to stonework cleaning, depending on the delicacy of the surface and the nature of the eyesore. Certain processes and substances may cause corrosion or staining to stonework which is particularly old or fragile, but here at Cleaning service ltd, we use our knowledge and experience to ensure that only the “dirt” is removed, leaving the stonework underneath in perfect condition. surfactants, such as degreasers or soaps, or other solvent-based substances.  This is later washed off, leaving behind the brightest and cleanest stonework. Our chemical treatments are generally alkaline or acidic liquids designed to gently lift the contaminants away from the surface.

We also use Our physical stonework cleaning methods include soda blasting, surface redressing, pressure washing and steaming. Here at Cleaning service, we use Stonehealth “Doff” system, but in our continual effort to improve our techniques and equipment, we also are trained by Restorative Techniques to use their ThermaTech system for the cleaning of strong and delicate substrates alike. Using low-pressure jets of superheated water, the ThermaTech equipment can be used to remove paint, grease or other eyesores in next to no time, and with no stains or shadows left on the substrate.

We offer free advice on all brickwork cleaning matters whether it be Commercial, historic or residential brickwork.

The following are the most common problems we encounter when brickwork cleaning

  • How to remove masonry, graffiti and other types of paint from old and new brickwork
  • How to remove rust stains from brickwork.
  • How to remove Carbon from brickwork …the black staining
  • How to remove Algae, moss and mould from brickwork usually the “green” staining.
  • How to Clean brick mortar.

Our Brick cleaning team is highly trained and the techniques used are consistently monitored. To ensure no damage to the surface. We have seen firsthand the damage caused by inexperienced operatives using unsuitable chemicals and techniques. On many occasions, we have had the “call “ to rectify the damaged surface. To this extent Our cleaning systems have been developed for delicate, historic surfaces and substrates, to gently clean with no damage. We also carry out free test panels so we and the client can begin to understand what brick cleaning methods are to be utilised to get the desired results.