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cleaning service comapany imageCleaning Service UK is a premium exterior cleaning company, who offer specialised and efficient cleaning solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Unlike many other cleaning services, time is taken to select products and methods which will clean effectively without any damage, discolouration or shadows left afterwards..

Whether you own a shop, factory or a house, there’s a cleaning service available for you. Cleaning Service UK’s full building cleaning is a popular option, with several different methods depending on the age and delicacy of the building. Physical cleaning utilises brushes, pressure washers and soda blasting to rigorously remove dirt and discolouration, but it can leave lasting damage on certain surfaces. Cleaning Service UK also offer chemical cleaning services, which use solvents or strong acids and alkalis to remove paint, dirt or other stains. Cleaning Service UK utilise the latest technologies to clean without damage, like the ThermaTech® system developed by Restorative Techniques. This equipment uses superheated water to leave surfaces looking brand new, regardless of their age and delicacy, without any corrosion, marks or shadows.

Image of driveway and patio cleaning Skelmersdale Lancashire

Even if you don’t require the cleaning of your entire building, Cleaning Service UK also offer a range of specific services which may suit your needs. Basing their methods on the scientific research of organic growth, render cleaning methods and substances have been developed to ensure the removal of algae, moss or discolouration from your exterior rendering, while also forming a protective layer to prevent future build-up.

This attention to scientific detail is also evident in Cleaning Service UK’s brick and concrete cleaning. A biodegradable solution is usually applied to walls, and then removed using low pressure, high temperature jets of steam. Whereas tougher cleaning methods like sandblasting can be effective, they’ll often leave discoloration which can be just as unsightly as the original weathering or graffiti. Cleaning Service UK pride themselves on removing only the dirt, preserving the original appearance of all surfaces, regardless of material.

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For examples of this approach, we could consider the recent case of Maricourt Catholic High School in Maghull, Merseyside. As a listed building with soft clay roof tiles, Cleaning Service UK used their non-damaging services to remove algae from across the entire roof, restoring the building to its original beauty. Similarly, a biodegradable solution was used to remove graffiti from Lune Aquaduct in Lancaster, while ensuring no harsh chemicals would enter and contaminate the water stream.

Aside from specialised brick and concrete maintenance, Cleaning Service UK can also revive the exterior cladding of your commercial property. A weathered appearance can make it difficult to give a good first impression to potential customers, so ensure your business doesn’t suffer by keeping on top of your maintenance. Sing water fed poles and other specialist equipment, Cleaning Service UK will work at weekends and at night to effectively restore the appearance of your building, without interrupting your commercial operations or affecting your customers’ experience. Furthermore, with the fast-approaching British winter and the adverse weather conditions which come with it, there’s never been a better time to schedule any needed building maintenance.

Cleaning Service UK offer not only commercial services, but also a range of cleaning options for residential properties. Sometimes you need professional assistance to have your home looking its best, especially if you’ve just bought a new property. Fortunately, there are specialised services available to save you time and keep your home in as best condition as possible.

Blocked gutters can be a persistent and potentially expensive problem for all of us, with a build up of water often causing costly damage. It’s easy to forget about clearing gutters because they’re often out of sight and difficult to access, but they’re worth regularly maintaining, especially during autumn. Cleaning Service UK can quickly and inexpensively clear your gutters and drains, ensuring water doesn’t build up and cause permanent damage.

Cleaning Service UK are able to maintain your fascias, UPVC soffits and any other exterior fittings, restoring them to their original look and ensuring your home looks its best. This can be an invaluable service to those who are looking to relocate, and there is a “Kerb appeal” package specially designed for houses which are going onto the market. Even if you aren’t planning to sell your house, your property’s exterior will look good as new, and be protected from degradation or eventual damage.

Your driveway or patio can also be kept in good condition by Cleaning Service UK. Ranging from a basic jet or pressure wash for pathways, crazy paving or block paving, to the repair and resurfacing of tarmac, there’s a suitable service. Furthermore, Cleaning Service UK can wash and re-oil wooden decking, and seal sandstone or limestone paving and patterned concrete. Whatever outdoor feature requires attention, there is a specific substance or method to ensure it is kept clean and without discolouration or damage.

If you have a specific requirement, you can contact Cleaning Service UK on their freephone number to discuss your options. You may simply require a jet washing service, to degrease, sanitise or disinfect a range of furniture or buildings. With specially chosen chemicals and cleaning methods, whatever service you choose you’re also guaranteed not to be left with any unsightly shadows, marks or abrasions. Why not contact Cleaning Service UK for a quote today?