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Cost effective car park and walkway winter gritting Southport Merseyside

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  • Post published:October 7, 2018
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Cleaning service Ltd provides cost-effective gritting services for Southport Merseyside and surrounding areas.
During the winter months one of the paramount problems a business is presented with the safety of its staff and visitors.A business needs to ensure that they can arrive and leave in relative safety. Slippery surfaces formed by ice and snow are not something these business deal with on a daily basis other than in the Winter months. To this extent, most are not geared up for it apart from having the odd bag of grit by a door somewhere. This is where cleaning Service Ltd can help businesses in the Southport Merseyside and surrounding areas.
We can respond quickly respond to emergency calls regarding gritting of any slippery surface. –There is an old proverb that says prevention is better than cure. We can undertake preventative gritting before frost occurs, this, in turn, can help to reduce the possibility of accidents taking place.
We can undertake to grit on Large or small sites, company carparks and walkways, schools, hotels and nursing homes. Shopping centres and retail parks any other areas where gritting maybe required.
We receive local weather forecasts daily and are we can advise pre-empting the arrival of bad weather to our clients. So they, in turn, can forewarn staff.

In the event of heavy snowfall, we provide a “snow removal service” We have invested heavily in equipment that can move snow quickly ensuring staff and visitors to your workplace or home are put at minimum risk. These machines can clear the largest car parks and also the narrowest of walkways.

Do you have a “bad weather “ plan to implement in the event of bad weather? Cleaning Service Ltd can produce a winterisation plan that will help manage your outside areas in the event of bad weather. Some insurance companies are asking for written evidence of these as well as risk assessments etc.