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Number 1 for Brick Cleaning using Stonehealth Doff Steam Cleaning Machine

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Are the brick walls looking tired and dirty, making your property lose its charm? You need Doff brick cleaning. Introducing Stonehealth’s revolutionary DOFF machine – the ultimate solution for all your brick cleaning needs. With its cutting-edge technology and powerful steam cleaning capabilities, the DOFF machine can effortlessly remove years of grime, moss, and dirt from your stonework, giving it a fresh new look that will leave everyone in awe. Don’t let a dull exterior ruin your property’s appeal; trust in Stonehealth’s DOFF machine to restore the beauty of your building.

Over time, dirt, grime, biological matter, and other materials cover buildings, making them lose their “curb appeal.” The pollutants organic and atmospheric can be removed using various methods. However, not all techniques are safe or effective.
Some damage the substrate, while others don’t produce the desired results. Doff Brick Cleaning using Stonehealth Steam Cleaning Machine is safe and effective.

Doff steam cleaning is a great way to get rid of dirt, grime, and bacteria from the exterior surfaces without causing any damage. The process uses superheated water at low pressure, which is safe for delicate or hard surfaces. The method also produces impressive and long-lasting results.

Doff Brick Cleaning useing stonehealths Doff

We are specialists in using Doff steam cleaner to remove all kinds of pollutants from a building’s brickwork. As a company that aims to restore buildings, we help owners and managers clean up dirt-covered properties. Our professional services include cleaning masonry that has been degraded by weathering or decay and preserving it from future damage caused by pollution in its environment.


We do more than make your building look pristine again; our goal is always preservation, so you’ll never have any worries about what might happen if left unchecked! Using Doff steam cleaning to clean brickwork, we can remove unwanted Paint, graffiti, Moss, algae, fungi, and other matter from your property to restore its appeal.

Why Use Stonehealth’s Doff Steam Cleaner for Brick Cleaning?

The Doff machine has always been the “go-to” equipment to use when it comes to cleaning buildings. It cleans quickly and efficiently and poses no danger to the substrate. It’s the only cleaning equipment the English Heritage approves for removing contaminants from buildings.

The machine has a water heating system ( a boiler), a nozzle, and pressure and temperature controls. Water is heated to a super high temperature while controlling the nozzle’s pressure to keep it as low as possible. As a result of this, delicate surfaces don’t get damaged.

This cleaning steam is created by heating water until it reaches 150 degrees Centigrade. This superheated liquid easily removes biological and non-biological contaminants from your surface while killing off spores! Not only will the total elimination of dirt stop all sorts of dust, but you can rest assured knowing that no new growth will occur thanks to this method’s use in sterilization processes.

Using the Doff steam cleaner to clean brickwork is complex. It requires a high level of training to get the best results. That’s why all our employees are fully knowledgeable in its use and trained by Stonehealth (the manufacturer).

We assure you of the best results using this machine and our highly trained staff.

Why Choose Doff Steam Cleaning to Clean Your Brickwork?

The various benefits of this cleaning technique make it a popular choice for homes and businesses. People like the method so much because there’s no need to use any chemicals, which means less risk from harmful toxins being released into your environment and long-lasting results compared with other methods.

The heat of the steam cleans organic growth while also killing off the spores without needing any biocide.
Unlike a cold pressure washer, which is ineffective on some pollutants, Doff steam cleaning efficiently clears your building of contaminants. It strips paint from surfaces and dissolves greasy impurities and biological growths.

The Doff machine’s pressure is not exceptionally high, making it gentle on various surfaces, including anything particularly delicate. We have found it is one of the only cleaning methods that effectively removes dirt and organic growths without harming the surface that needs cleaning. Its ability to kill spores of algae, fungi, and other organic matter. We found regrowth doesn’t occur as quickly, meaning buildings generally remain cleaner for longer.

We Have many years of experience in Doff Brick Cleaning.

We have cleaned brickwork across the UK using a Doff steam machine for years. We can restore the brickwork on residential, commercial, industrial, and even historic buildings. Our experience has given us enough insight to deal with all types of pollutants on different surfaces.

We ensure the proper cleaning process for the brickwork you’ve used on your property. Our team consists of experts trained by Stonehealth on Doff machines and fully certified to operate them. The training assures you of the proper use of the equipment. Our staff is also trained in different techniques to clean building exteriors and other surfaces.

Because of the low pressure the Doff steam cleaner uses, we guarantee that your brick or stonework will not be affected. The water is also minimal, so your building dries out rapidly. It doesn’t matter how your building is designed or even its age.

We have the expertise, training, and experience. We can clean all types of brickwork, from historical buildings to modern ones. Using the proper techniques, processes, and equipment ensures excellent results and that the masonry substrate remains unscathed.

Our Range of Doff Steam Cleaning Services

We offer our brick cleaning service to both commercial and residential buildings, Industrial brickwork, as heritage buildings. We can clean all surfaces, including Stone, Brick, Render, Concrete and metal.