Exterior Building Cleaning company in Wales

Exterior Building Cleaning company in Wales

Cleaning Service ltd is an Exterior Building Cleaning company in Wales . We have spent years gaining considerable technical and practical experience in the fields of building cleaning, conservation and restoration . We

There are two fundamental approaches to the cleaning of buildings or masonry, both of which are offered to a high standard here at Cleaning Service ltd. These are the physical approach and the chemical approach.

During the chemical method of cleaning, the wall is coated with either a liquid, or a “dressing” known as a poultice. These treatments may comprise of a strong alkaline or acid substance, solvent based products, or surfactants, such as degreasants or soaps. Depending on the condition of the building, these may be applied either by hand or with a machine.

Our physical methods include washing and steaming, sofa blasting or surface redressing.

In order to minimise the risk of corrosion or damage, not all treatments are suitable for all building materials. Extreme care must be taken when deciding which cleaning approach to take, which is where we excel over other contractors. We use our experience and knowledge to ensure your building is always cleaned without any signs of damage.

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For the physical cleaning of masonry, Stonehealth’s “Doff” system was previously the industry standard. However, we felt that further advantages were offered by Restorative Techniques’ ThermaTech system, and decided to break tradition in lieu of technological advancement. This new range of superheated water cleaning equipment provides high-quality cleaning of delicate substrates, far improved from the Stonehealth “Doff”.

As a product which was conceived to fulfil the requirements of building conservation, restoration and refurbishment, Restorative Techniques’ ThermaTech system efficiently cleans without damaging the walls of your property. This fusion of performance and specification not only makes Cleaning Service LTD one of the United Kingdom’s most quick and efficient contractors, it also means we can cater to any number of residential or commercial cleaning needs.

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