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Exterior Cleaning Services Across the UK.

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Exterior cleaning service for the Uk.Remember when making those driveways, patios and roofs look as good as new seemed impossible? Remember the uphill battle your business had to go through to create a great first impression for your customers by ensuring your office or commercial premises sparkled on the outside?


The good news, is that those days are long gone.We offer a cost effective exterior cleaning service to home and business owners.


One call to Cleaning Services UK, and your exterior surfaces will look better than they have in years thanks to our cost-effective, professional cleaning solutions.


Exterior  cleaning for domestic and commercial properties

Right across Merseyside, Lancashire and Cheshire, our exterior surface cleaning services are trusted by scores of homeowners, commercial property owners and public sector organisations alike, many of whom return to us time and time again to increase the aesthetic appeal and reduce maintenance costs of their walls, floor surfaces, gutters and more.


As you’ll see from our case studies, we boast a wealth of experience of cleaning just about every type of surface imaginable, from paint stripping a Grade One listed building to K-Rend Render cleaning on beautiful cottages.


What this means for you, is that when you hire Cleaning Services UK for your next outdoor cleaning project, you’re tapping into a wealth of experience and expertise from a team who know exactly how to get the job done to the kind of high standards you, your family or your customers deserve.


Why clean your outdoor services?

From high pressure washing to clearing out your gutters and UPVC, all of our specialist services can be combined with any of our highly durable protective coating to ensure that any surface we work on benefits from two things:


  • A fresh, sparkling finish that looks just as good as new
  • Long-lasting protection to minimize further cleaning and maintenance.


Because of this, we can really breath a whole new lease of life into your walls, floors and more, all whilst saving you the time, hassle and expense of ensuring your surfaces are well looked after for a long time to come.


To find out more about transforming your tired, old surfaces into something fresh, new and well protected, take a look at our specialist services below, or give us a call today on 0800 0933 267.



Did you know that the wrong cleaning solution can seriously damage your K-Rend coated building? Get the right solution at the right price with our specialist Render cleaning services before it’s too late.



Keep your masonry, glass walls and other surfaces just as fresh, clean, solid and reliable as they day they were first built with a range of building cleaning services for domestic and commercial properties.



Transform your home and impress your guests simply by breathing a new lease of life into your conservatory thanks to our professional cleaning services, covering all UPVC, soffit,, fascias and more.



Got a gutter full of gunk? UPVC lots it sparkle? We can help. Eliminate the hassle and hard work out of keeping your gutters sparkling clean and professionally maintained by giving our team a call today.



Just imagine arriving home to a fresh, professionally cleaned driveway before relaxing in a well-maintained patio that looks just as good as the day it was first laid. Now let’s make that dream a reality.



Our high pressure washing services make the ideal solution for renovating stubborn, old surfaces, blasting away age-old paint and more, whilst our low pressure steam is perfect for delicate, older buildings.



Make the right first impression on your customers by making sure your commercial premises look just as good as on the outside as the service you provide inside, all thanks to our cladding cleaning solutions.



Did you know that Moss, lichen and algae on a roof can cause any number of issues that could cost you an awful lot to repair. Prevent this now with our range of roof cleaning services across the North West.

Ready to transform your home or business property?

Call us now on 08000933267  speak to our team and receive a free, no obligation quote on your next outdoor cleaning project.