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How to Clean a Roof

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5 steps on How to clean a roof.

The roof of your home is one of the most important parts of your property as over time it will protect you and your family from the elements. To maintain the look as well as the durability, you need to ensure that its well looked after. This is key to having a long-lasting and solid roof. While there are some things which should be left to a pressure washing company, there are a few simple ways to effectively maintain the roof of your home.

  1. How to clean a roof : Remove debris

Removing debris from the roof will prevent a build-up of rot which, if untreated, can weaken the structure of the roof over time. Keep the roof clear of sticks, leaves and other objects which might have found their way onto the roof in strong winds or storms. You need to make sure that you check the roof when it is dry to avoid slipping or falling off the roof. Always remember to have someone with you at all times when making these checks.

  1. How to clean a roof : Clean up moss

Moss and mold can decay tiles if left untreated. Tiles and shingles should be gently scrubbed away. When undertaking a job like this, ensure that each title is free from any fungus. It might be that you need to hire a pressure washing company who can undertake the job for you as they have the necessary equipment to do the job properly.

  1. How to clean a roof : Hire a professional

Of course, there are some aspects that should only be looked at by a professional. Trying to wash a roof while balancing on a ladder is extremely dangerous and should not be attempted unless you are sure you have the right tools and equipment. A good quality pressure washing service will use safe bio-degradable chemicals which are applied at low pressure so as not to damage the roof.

  1. How to clean a roof: Pressure wash guttering

There is nothing worse than a blocked gutter if it’s not cleaned regularly, then the build-up of debris can become worse over time and do damage to the guttering. The weight of the debris and rubbish will cause the guttering to sag in places, and rainwater will overflow. Inspect your gutters at least a couple of times a month – more so in the autumn and winter periods.

  1. How to clean a roof: Repair loose tiles

After storms or strong winds, tiles can become broken or loose without you being aware. It is a good idea to regularly check your tiles to make sure that they are still fixed in place and not coming away from the roof. If you do spot some broken or cracked tiles during the inspection, then these will need to be replaced immediately.

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