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The effects of hard water stains on your home’s exterior & how to remove them

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  • Post published:January 30, 2023
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Hard water marks are an exceptionally common issue, characterised by white or grey-coloured residue, usually found towards the bottom of exterior walls. The cause of these marks is mostly rainfall, which is rich in minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

The water collects at the bottom of walls and evaporates, leaving behind dense solutes on the face of the wall. These solutes often then condense and form visual marks.

To remove these stains, a carefully mixed solution of muriatic acid and water is required, with the acidity of the acid neutralising the alkaline magnesium and calcium and acting to lift them off the wall.

This solution is then applied to the problem areas using a soft brush, with a robust brushing often required to lift off the most resilient stains. A water rinse should follow before applying another coat of solution to act on still-resistant stains.

It is essential that this work is conducted by a highly experienced team, and it is not a job we would recommend any average building owner to take on themselves. Too high acidity can damage brick, and incorrect mixing can easily water down the solution to the degree that it is ineffective.

Cleaning services Ltd has both the chemical expertise and equipment to guarantee the best hard water removal service in the Northwest. With over twenty years of experience, our team has cleaned even the most severe hard water marks.

We have taken the time to understand aggregating factors, such as poor drainage and rain exposure, to best tackle jobs of any size and severity.

We have discovered that flexibility is key when approaching hard water mark removals, flexibility in our equipment, allowing us to tackle any job and flexibility in our approach to the area around the actual work.

We will endeavour to work within your schedule and within your expectations. We will closely communicate with you at all stages of the job, so you understand any issues and maintain a general idea of how the work is being conducted.

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