How to clean gutters

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How to clean gutters

We offer Expert advice and Tips  on how to keep rain gutters clear , this in turn will keep the water out of your home.
During heavy rain , gutters provide a route for water runoff from a very large surface—your house roof—to a place where it can drain safely away from the home. By doing so, it will protect brickwork, windows, doors, and the foundations your home from water damage .If you have a basement it will help prevent flooding
Tips on How to Clean Gutters and  downspout.
First gutters and downspouts must be clear of leaves and general rubbish if they are to do their job.. If they aren’t, the downspouts  outlets will block up and rainwater will fill the gutters, overflow, and could eventually lead to  gutters falling off due to the extra weight. Leaking gutters can rot wooden facias.
You will need  a sturdy ladder to work from and wear gloves to protect your hands from sharp metal and sheet metal screws.

Extend your  ladder  above the eaves,useing a ladder stand off  . Clean small sections of gutter at a time….remember not to overeach. Move your ladders and do the next short section ..moving towards the downspout.
You need to Plan to clean gutters at least twice a year— this need to be  more often if your home is directly beneath trees or you live in a region with high downfall.

Be sure only take on this work  if you are confident you can  work safely from a ladder or the roof. If your roof is higher than a single story, should consider  hiring a gutter-cleaning company.

Never work on the roof in wet, icy, or windy conditions. Wear non-slip shoes, and never lean over the edge or work near power lines. provide a professional gutter and Upvc cleaning service  for commercial and domestic clients. If you have questions or require a quote …please call us on 08000933267 or more info here 

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