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How to clean k rend render .

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How to clean k rend render on walls and other buildings.We have put together a guide to show the best possible way to clean the exterior render of your house or workplace. Render is designed to be tough enough to withstand most types of  Uk weather conditions. But the render is also easily damaged by inappropriate cleaning methods …some of which we have seen been used by so-called professional cleaning companies.  Although we recommend render cleaning periodically to ensure that the look of the render does not get affected by the growth of Algae and fungi. Most business owners consider using a render cleaning contractor since industrial and commercial buildings often require special access being put into place. It is usually one of the most economical ways for a business to maintain the exterior rendered buildings.

For the homeowner or indeed the business owner that wishes to carry out the process themselves we have written this guide.Following we discuss some of the steps used by professional cleaning companies to adequately remove dirt and Algae growth from the rendered buildings.

How to clean k rend render. First step is to Analyse the type of “dirt” before attempting to clean the rendered building.

The first and foremost important step is to analyse the type of stain and dirt on the rendered wall that you need to clean. The exterior rendered wall of a house can be affected by various types of things such algae, mold and general dirt. Gathering knowledge about the type of dirt or stain will enable you in dealing with the issue in a more effective way.

How to clean k rend render second step.Choosing the correct solution of chemicals…Bio-cide
This is also one of the vital steps that should be considered while cleaning rendered buildings You should make a solution with the help of the recommended biocidal chemicals. Professional render cleaning company do not recommend using harsh chemicals since it can damage the look of the render rather than cleaning it.

How to clean k rend render third step application of chemical.
This is also one of the important steps followed by the professional cleaning companies while providing render cleaning services. Make sure to spray/brush the solution on the total surface area of the wall ensuring uniform coverage. This will ensure that the area is cleaned at the same rate and not left “patchy”. The chemical should be allowed to dwell on the wall to ensure it has time to clean properly.  If the stains on the walls are extremely tough then it will certainly be wise for you to  reapply the cleaning solution again

Wash the surface with clean water
Lastly, it is highly recommended to clean the total rendered surface with fresh water in order to remove the left over chemicals in a proper way.

If you are unable to handle the steps adequately for cleaning render , then it will certainly be wise to call us on 08000933267  We can then talk you through the process.

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