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How to Clean Monocouche Render Walling

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Monocouche render or Weber render walling, is an aesthetically pleasing building solution. It helps to plaster over old exterior and transforms your home to make it look fresh and modern.

However, monocouche exterior does need more cleaning than regular walling options. Usually, with professional exterior cleaning services, you’ll need a clean every five years. Here, we detail the process of Monocouche render cleaning.

What Is Monocouche Render?

If you are in the process of a home makeover, you may be considering various walling options. Weber Monocouche render is a type of decorative finish that you can apply over the brickwork of exterior walls for more aesthetic appeal.

The term ‘monocouche’ comes from the French — meaning a single layer. It consists of White Portland Cement, to which you can add a pigment for extra attractiveness. You can achieve the rendering effect by machine or by hand.

As the application already has tinting, you won’t need to paint it, which can save thousands in home upkeep.

How Often Do I Need Weber Render Cleaning?

While monocouche rendering doesn’t need repainting, it does require more maintenance. Your walling will need washing every two to five years, depending on your environment.

If you have a lot of foliage and dampness or live near water, it’s likely your exterior will need more recurrent attention and Weber render cleaning. Mosses, fungi, algae, or bacteria can grow on the render, making it look older and poorly kept.


In these kinds of conditions, you will need more frequent monocouche render cleaning than in drier climates.

How to Clean Monocouche Render

You can hire a professional service, or complete Weber render cleaning yourself. Follow these steps for the DIY option:
1. First, make sure you wear the appropriate PPE to deal with the render cleaning chemicals.
2. Next, remove any debris and foliage using a brush. You don’t want to use a hose because you need the surface to be dry.
3. Apply a cleaning solution to the dry surface with a spray gun, and wait for it to act.
4. Remove the solution with a high-pressure water spray after about 48 hours.
5. Repeat the above steps if the wall does not come clean after the first time.

Tips for Weber Render Cleaning and also monocouche Render

Follow these tips to make the whole process easier!

• You can do the cleaning yourself, but it is advisable to get the professionals to do the job for you for the best results.
• For mild staining and other such dirt, you can use a pressure washer at moderate pressure.
• Do not wait until your monocouche is filthy before cleaning it. It comes clean much more smoothly if washing is part of routine maintenance.
• It is critical to remember never to paint your monocouche as it then becomes impossible to maintain.
• Once your render is sparkling clean again, you can seal it with a water-repellent coating. It will help the coating resist the damaging effects of water, oils, and even graffiti.

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