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How to Clean Paving and Patios Without Harsh Chemicals

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  • Post published:July 3, 2018
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We’re coming off a winter that stuck around here in the northwest – across the Merseyside, Lancashire and Cheshire areas – for far longer than it had any right to. Between the rain, the snow and the cold, they weren’t exactly a pleasant few months!

Now, things have changed for the better. The temperatures have risen drastically, the sun is shining (sometimes), and it’s not even raining that much! Following that aforementioned lengthy winter, now is the time to celebrate the summer’s late arrival, and enjoy the lovely weather we’re getting in Liverpool, Chester and Preston. Whether it’s for a full-on barbecue, or simply a few evening drinks, this is perhaps the best time of year to invite friends and family round.

Of course, if you’re planning to do so, you’ll want your home to look as pleasant and inviting as possible. Since you’ll hopefully be spending plenty of time outside, that doesn’t just apply to the interior of your home, but to the exterior too, including your paving and patio.

After the terrible weather through which we suffered for so long, the chances are that your paving and patio will be looking… a little worse for wear, to put it mildly. That’ll be particularly the case if you haven’t arranged any professional patio or paving cleaning. These surfaces don’t only collect basic dirt, after all, but are prone to build-ups of more sinister substances, like algae and mould.

You’ve probably noticed your home’s exterior looking somewhat grubby already. Before you head straight to the supermarket and buy one of the supposed solutions they offer, however, we’d urge you to pause for a moment.

These patio and paving cleaning products might help you out (though it’s certainly not guaranteed), but they’ll often do so by using harsh chemicals. Not only can these chemicals potentially lead to discolouration of your paving; they’re also particularly dangerous if you’ve got kids or pets who like to wander around, play on, or otherwise enjoy your patio.

Here at Cleaning Service Ltd, we favour a more natural approach wherever possible in our work. This is certainly the case for paving and patio cleaning too. Not only is the chemical-free approach safer; it also poses no risk to your children or pets.

The best way to go about patio and paving cleaning, therefore, is definitely to use a pressure washer. It simply uses water and sheer power to blast away the dirt, mould and algae. The problem with that approach, however, is that without professional training and equipment, you still won’t get great results!

Add all the factors together, and the safest, smartest and swiftest way to get your patios and paving clean – without using harsh chemicals – is to hire a professional exterior cleaning company… like Cleaning Service Ltd, for example! Whilst we definitely prefer a natural approach (at most using the occasional mild detergent, which will always be child and pet-friendly), we still get extremely effective results, thanks to our experience, expertise, and excellent equipment.

Wherever you’re based in the northwest – whether in or around Preston, Liverpool or Chester – just contact Cleaning Service Ltd now to get all your patio and paving cleaning needs sorted in no time. To do so, you can call us on 0800 0933 267, or send us an email at