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How to Clean Rubber Playground Surfaces

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  • Post published:July 10, 2018
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Of all the various types of playground surfaces out there, wet pour rubber is arguably the best of the bunch. It looks great, it’s soft enough to ensure that any children’s accidents shouldn’t prove too harmful, and it holds up pretty well in the face of adverse weather… which is particularly helpful up here in the rainy northwest of England!

There’s no such thing as a perfect playground surface, however, and wet pour rubber is obviously no exception. Even though it’s certainly easier to maintain than other surfaces, regular maintenance is still absolutely vital in ensuring it both looks good, and – most importantly of all – remains safe for all the children who play on it.

Of course, as the person responsible for the wellbeing of the playground – and, by extension the kids who use it – you probably already know that. So, what can you actually do to clean rubber playground surfaces?

In truth, without professional, high-level (and costly) equipment, there’s undoubtedly a hard limit to what you can achieve. Most of the things you can do will only make the playground look cleaner, on a surface level, rather than make the playground actually cleaner. We’re talking about things like the removal of any detritus that’s left around the place, and brushing away the visible dirt that builds up there.

Again, though, this unfortunately doesn’t qualify as actually “cleaning” the playground. Because of their outdoor nature, playgrounds take a constant pounding from the elements, and also fall foul of local wildlife who wander across them, as well as the children who use them and any… accidents those youngsters might have. Over time, germs and dirt become embedded deep in the surface of the rubber playground surface, and it can be impossible for an amateur – however well-intentioned – to get them out.

The only way to truly clean a rubber playground surface is by calling in a professional company, like Cleaning Service Ltd. When we carry out playground cleaning – whether in Lancashire, Cheshire or Merseyside – we use specialist machinery which gets deep into the surface. We also make use of biodegradable cleaning products (which are 100% safe, of course). Between these two main sets of tools, we’re guaranteed to rid the rubber of germs, dirt, and any other nasty stuff that’s built up in there.

Even if there’s no legal requirement to regularly clean wet pour playgrounds, it goes without saying that you want children to be playing in an environment which is as safe and sanitary as it possibly can be. That aside, from a purely pragmatic perspective, it’s in your best interests to maintain the health of your playground. The last thing you want is to have to replace some, or all of the rubber surface, which can become a necessity if the playground is neglected. Regular, professional playground cleaning is the best way to ensure this doesn’t happen.

If you’re responsible for the well being of a playground –and specifically one with a rubber surface – we’d love to talk to you. To enquire about our playground cleaning service today, just send an email to, or call 0800 0933 267.