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How to Keep Your Tennis Court Cleaning Costs Down

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  • Post published:June 5, 2018
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Having your own private tennis court sounds like living the absolute dream. That’s certainly how the people who sell them, and arrange the installation, like to talk anyway! In reality, of course, they’re far from the “maintenance-free” purchases which they’re sold as, even when the surface is made of artificial grass rather than real grass.

The same thing goes for those who are in charge of tennis courts at a club. Oh sure, being the chairman of a tennis club sounds like a glamorous position, but when you’ve got weeds growing all over the courts, and they just won’t seem to go away whatever you try… well, suddenly it doesn’t seem so glamorous!

Artificial grass tennis courts are certainly easier to maintain than their real grass counterparts, but they’re far from maintenance-free. The maintenance they do need, of course, costs money.

Does it seem as if your tennis court cleaning costs are getting out of control? Well, firstly do not try to clean the court yourself! No offence, but – without professional cleaning experience or equipment – you’d probably end up inflicting more harm than good. Those seemingly-imposing tennis court cleaning costs may subsequently end up seeming pretty insignificant compared to the costs of any significant repairs.

Keeping your tennis court cleaning costs manageable comes down to two key things: finding the right company, and getting the court cleaned at the right intervals.

Let’s start with the first part. In truth, you may simply be using a company whose tennis court cleaning costs are too high. We certainly won’t disparage any of our fellow northwest cleaning companies by name… but there are definitely outfits out there – operating in Cheshire, Lancashire and Merseyside – who’ve been known to charge “less than fair” prices, to put it politely!

By “finding the right company”, we mean finding a tennis court cleaning company, operating in the right areas (whether that be around Chester, Liverpool, Preston or elsewhere in the northwest), who both charge fair prices and do a good job. Does that sounds like a lot of factors? Well, it’s not really; these are all completely necessary boxes to be ticked!

There aren’t many companies out there who tick each of those boxes, we admit, but here at Cleaning Service Ltd we certainly count ourselves as one of them. We’ve got the experience, the training and the equipment to get your court looking as good as new again. Crucially, we will also do that at a fair rate. Your tennis court cleaning costs certainly won’t spiral out of control on our watch.

The second part of keeping your tennis court cleaning costs down is having the courts serviced at the right intervals. Do it too often, and your cleaning costs will obviously rise. Do it too infrequently, and you risk the buildup of harmful substances which can cause lasting, costly damage.

Unfortunately, we can’t give an exact timeframe. Knowing when your court needs cleaning requires paying close attention on your part. Moss growth, pools of water forming frequently, and balls hitting the ground and flying off at odd angles are all signs that your court needs a good clean. When you notice one of these symptoms, it’s best to err on the side of caution and hire a cleaning company straight away.

Whether you’re based in a city like Chester, Liverpool or Preston, or elsewhere in Cheshire, Merseyside or Lancashire, we’d love to help you maintain manageable tennis court cleaning costs. Hire Cleaning Service Ltd, and you’ll be well on your way to doing just that. To get in touch now, just send us an email at, or call us on 0800 0933 267. Or you can fill the contact form.