How to Remove stains from render


Do you require help with How to Remove stains from render ? Cleaning-service ltd can help . A short video about what’s growing on your render and how to treat it.To Remove stains from render we recommend ALGOCLEAR pro softwash system for use on all rendered surfaces.The only Chemical recommended by k rend themselves for use on there render

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Algoclear is perfect solution to remove stains from render. It is easy to use and the effects are long lasting. We have specialised equipment for it’s application . We can help you get your render back to looking like new. If you need help on   How to Remove Algae and stains from render Call us today for free advice…we are sure that we can help.

We have used this low impact metheod to clean the many delicate surfaces, as well as working well on k-rend render ,it will also work on many other delicate substrates. We recently cleaning the Hilton hotel in Liverpool. This famous hotel is made from a very soft sandstone. Due to sandstone being very porous it seldom drys out ,Over the years Algae and mould had grown the surface.We coulkd safely remove this without the need to use any high pressure cleaning.

As well as offering free advice Cleaning service carries out a render cleaning service that spans the whole of the Uk. We will clean any rendered surface from office blocks to Apartments to small domestic properties .We specalise in hard to access areas or difficult projects. If you have a problem with a discoloured rendered surface give us a call . We are here to help.

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