Imprinted concrete cleaning Liverpool

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Imprinted concrete cleaning Liverpool .

Is your pattern imprinted concrete surface looking tied  . Is it  need of re-sealing or re-colouring? we can help .We offer a cost effective professional refurbishment, of your patterned imprinted concrete driveway path, or  patio. If you require Imprinted concrete cleaning liverpool call us today

image of Imprinted concrete cleaning Liverpool

Whilst Imprinted concrete is very tough . It has been sold to the home owner as “no” maintenace. Although it requires  less maintenance than block paving. However, to keep your imprinted concrete driveway in good  condition it should be resealed on average every two or three years.  This is done in order to protect the concrete and retaing the “new” look.

Imprinted  concrete sealers will  eventually wear off. This can if left unattended lead to sub  surface  wear, This inturn  leads to loss of colour.  When the Bare concrete  shows through  it is difficult to return the imprinted concrete to it’s original look. If this wear occurs  the repair process can be more difficult and the repair bill can  much more expensive.  We suggest Routine re-sealing of your imprinted concrete. This  will protect your investment and keep it looking like new.

Imprinted concrete cleaning Liverpool how we do it…the process .

The first step in Refurbishing imprinted concrete starts with a  thorough cleaning and degreasing. We then undertake to repair any minor imperfections in the imprinted concrete surface. Next  we recolour, if it requires it . We then apply several coats imprinted concrete sealer. This will restore the original look of your concrete .

If you require Imprinted concrete cleaning Liverpool call us today on 08000933267 .We offer professional refurbishment of your patterned imprinted concrete driveway , path or  patio.


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