Indian sandstone cleaning in Liverpool

If you like a natural looking patio or Driveway then Indian sandstone could be a good option.

It’s much cheaper than traditional British sandstone like Yorkstone and some of it can look just as good. It also comes in range of colours available with loads variations from your beige, black, brown, green, grey, mint, red and yellow…. These will match and compliment any landscaping project.

We carry out a lot of Indian sandstone cleaning in Liverpool and Crosby, It is a very popular choice for patio and driveways.

When laid Indian sandstone looks stunning, but due to it’s porous nature it soon becomes dirty and suffers badly with green algae. Things like shade from overhanging trees. Leaking gutters, access path between houses with little or no light. Can all add to the rate at which we see Indian sandstone going green.

Traditional patio cleaners from the likes of B&Q etc should not be used when cleaning Indian Sandstone these may contain acid. Some of the sandstone react to the acid in the cleaner resulting in ‘rusty marks” appearing. Once this has happened it is very difficult to reverse.
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We have a specific method for cleaning Indian Sandstone patio’s and Driveways. We first gently wash all heavy soiling from the surface. Then a biodegradable biocide can be applied. This process allows use the to “treat” any specific staining such as black spots or green algae at a localized level. This reduces the possibility of damage to the Indian sandstone surface.

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