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Keeping your gutters clean: Why it’s important & How to do it

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Owing to constant exposure to the outside elements, gutters often suffer from issues relating to blockages caused by plant growth, dirt accumulation or even rocks that prevent effective drainage and can even collapse the gutter if left unchecked. Strong winds act to carry mud and silt up and into the gutter, and heavy rocks can be dropped by passing birds, all potentially causing blockages. Organic growth, such as grass and small saplings, are also usually carried by passing birds or via the wind.

Importance of Gutter Cleaning

Beyond the risk that the weight of these issues can collapse the gutter, these issues can also block drainage, creating sitting water in the gutter. In the winter months, this water frequently freezes, causing the same issue as with underground pipes, where the freezing water expands, splitting the gutter and causing it to need an expensive replacement.

Organic growth, such as grass and saplings, also present unique issues, with their roots spreading throughout the gutter, creating blocks and potentially rooting into the nearby brick and pulling the gutter off. Moreover, saplings growing out of the corner of a building’s gutter do not create an attractive image and likely do not represent the pride the owner has displayed on the inside of the building.

How to Clean Gutters?

To effectively resolve these issues, it is best to employ an industrial vacuum cleaner or a “gutter vac”, as it’s known in the industry. This tool vacuums the blockages out of the gutter via a large pipe and comes with specialist nozzle tools that can fit into the tight spaces between gutters and roof slates.

These nozzles also break up dense groups of dirt, allowing for easy removal, and being able to perform the job even at a great height with poles able to reach third and fourth stories.

This is the most effective method of clearing gutters, with the power to lift out even the most stubborn blockages and the dexterity to fit into tight crevices, where dirt especially likes to collect, whilst not damaging the gutter itself.

Naturally, as this work is conducted out of the line of sight of the operator, checks must be conducted to ensure all blockages have been removed. The most reliable method will involve cameras mounted on poles, with an operator on the ground reviewing the live video. If any issues are found, spot cleans will be conducted.

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