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Cleaned algae from render in Manchester by render cleaning service

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Manchester render cleaning company offers full range of cleaning solutions

Manchester render cleaning company …Cleaning-service Ltd

Cleaning the exterior surfaces of the property is important to maintain their elegant look. It also enhances the life of the buildings. However, choosing the cleaning method depends on the kind of stains and deposits a render surface would have.

Different types of surfaces and different kinds of contaminants need a distinct level of washing. Some render surfaces would need soft washing and some would need high pressure washing. Some may need washing with harsh chemicals as well. A Manchester render cleaning company can advise on the cleaning procedure depending on the type of building, material and contaminants that has to be removed. They customize a cleaning plan to improve the efficacy of the cleaning procedure. Some cleaning solutions offered by the cleaning company are:

Soft wash cleaning:

Soft washing is ideal for sidewalks, driveways, decks, roofs and concrete surfaces. It is a cleaning process that requires low pressure and differs from pressure washing. Soft cleaning method doesn’t harm or damage the painted surfaces, wood, shingles, etc. Sustainable soft cleaning is ideal for your Manchester home as these won’t spoil the surface.

Traditional pressure washing:

For harsh stains and other kind of muck off on the concrete floor or hard surfaces, traditional pressure washing is a good way to clean. Traditional pressure washing is recommended for hard render surface as high pressure water can easily penetrate through the cracks to clean the dirt properly. It is also effective for the growth of algae or fungi. For industrial type settings, it is certainly a classic way to keep the buildings and surface clean.

Types of cleaning fluids:

There are various types of cleaning fluids that can be used for the rendered surfaces as these help to achieve a neat look of the buildings. Some of the best chemicals that are used are AlgoClear applicators that have the ability to stop the reproductive cycles of different contaminants like algae, fungi, etc. It also removes the stains. For stubborn stains like rusts and rusting particles, the use of these applicators is quite important.


Protective coatings using fungicidal solution are also ideal for moulds and moss. This will help them to stop hatching out and draw nourishment from the coating. A residual fungicidal wash is perfect to stop the breeding of mould, mild dew, etc. that further produces algae or fungi.

Depending on your needs, a Manchester render cleaning company can offer such range of cleaning solutions which will maintain the sparkling clean look of the buildings.

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