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Multi Use Games Area Cleaning and Maintenance

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Multi Use Games Area Cleaning and Maintenance

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Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA) are becoming increasingly popular in urban and suburban areas. These areas provide a safe, public place for people of all ages to come together to play various sports, including basketball, tennis, netball and football. Traditionally, such activities were confined to specific venues with limited access or opening hours. MUGAs offer the opportunity for these sports to be enjoyed by the broader community at any time due to their open-access nature.

The popularity of MUGAs can be attributed to their versatility in providing a sporting environment suitable for enthusiasts from all levels – from complete beginners wanting to develop their skills through casual participation right up to seasoned professionals who use them as training grounds for competitive tournaments.

The mnemonic MUGA stands for Multi-Use Games Area but refers to the enclosure within which the playing surface sits, usually steel anti-vandal outdoor fencing with built-in posts configured for various sports – rather than the specific surface type.

It’s impossible to prevent dirt from getting into your Muga, mainly if it’s used often, partly owing to the UK climate. 

It is a misconception that Multi use game areas are maintenance-free. Lack of maintenance can drastically reduce the lifespan of MUGA surfaces. What matters is how well and frequently you clean it.

You will be surprised to learn how many clubs have problems with Multi Use Games Area Cleaning and Maintenance Bad contamination and poor drainage are the major problems., let’s be frank, brushing post-match is like washing a car. It is not a service. Regular brushing helps keep the surface free from debris that degrades the court Left to deteriorate.

A Multi use game area can soon become expensive if surface repairs are needed. But why undergo the expense of a playground overhaul when you can avoid it by having it cleaned regularly? Get professionals to clean the playground and worry no more about any possible long-term damage or the possibility of parents avoiding it. 

Regular and routine surface cleaning will keep bacterial growths and detritus left by nighttime visitors at bay. Still, the mix of construction materials employed during the fabrication of the structure and fencing brings some unique maintenance considerations.

The playing surface must be sanitised and free of biofilm growth, such as algae, lichens, and mosses. These can be removed using specialist chemicals. However, the substances employed should be non-oxidising and guaranteed not to interact or negatively impact and ultimately corrode any metals or coatings used in the structure.

There is a dazzling array of playing surface materials, impact absorbing surfaces made from recycled and shredded rubber, open textured rubber matting, bark pits and other loose fill material, wetpour rubber surfaces, artificial grass, bonded rubber mulch, polymeric surfacing, resin bound stone and even “Daily Mile” tracks. Expert help and specific attention to each surface are required to maintain optimum performance and long life.

Any diluted “bleach” based cleaning product should be avoided, especially in areas with users who have asthma or other respiratory issues. It also ruins clothing because of its corrosive effects on metallic surfaces. (The only safe way to use bleaches is sequestered within a gel to avoid migration into substrates).

A high-purity biocide will guarantee it’s “safe for use on children’s play equipment” (Biocidal Products Directive Product Type 2) and will clean and sanitise simultaneously. Its purity ensures it contains no additional ingredients which might reduce efficacy and is biodegradable and sustainable. You’ll also find it’s a wood preserver.

Why Choose Us for Multi Use Games Area Cleaning and Maintenance? Your health is our main priority; that’s why we make sure that the services we offer are practical and environmentally safe. We specialise in playgrounds and Muga sanitation. Our experts will inspect the surface thoroughly and ensure everything is in order. Our softwash detergent is also efficient in sterilising the surface, removing germs that can cause infections, and preventing them from returning.


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