Paint and graffiti removal

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  • Post published:September 2, 2014
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Paint and graffiti removal

Today we had a call from a client in Lancaster in Lancashire. The job was to remove “paint vandalism” from part of a listed building that provides students at lancashire university with affordable accommodation.

The sandstone was new on the building meaning  paint removal from it could prove difficult. The vandals had also selected a high grade masonry paint to make matters worse. We applied a eco friendly paint stripper and allowed it to dwell for several hours before attempting to remove the paint. We used low pressure high temperature steam to gently remove the paint from the surface.

paint and graffiti removal PRESTON LANCASHIRE

image of  paint and graffiti removal in lancaster.

after paint and graffiti removal image lancaster lancashire

paint and graffiti removal image after removal  preston lancashire

paint removal lancaster 007.

We provide a specialist paint removal service.