Paint stripping Manchester

We were invited to do some test paint stripping / coating removal in a grade one listed building in Manchester city centre…all 1500 sqm of it!

Before stating work we  did  one research into the history of the building and the likely composite of the tile and coating to be removed. From this we  assumed what we are looking at here are 6″ square earthenware relief moulded tiles below the dado rails, also in 6″ sections.

These were popular in the period 1870-1910 ish. The glaze is frequently referred to as ‘majolica’ as they have a copper tinted lead based finish. Before you consider proceeding is that whilst the decoration is enhanced by the pooling of the glaze it is relatively ‘soft’ and particularly prone to crazing. There would have been initially barely discernible minute cracks (fissures) in the surface of the tiles since the day these left the factory rather like the hidden fissures in modern day porcelain .

The wall surface has clearly been painted over many times over the years with coats of whitewash and modern day acrylic paints .Consequently the bone dry earthenware interior will have sucked the paint into the crazing which is what appears to have happened in the photo if you look at the dado border. So whilst the surface paint would be relatively easy to remove the resultant white ‘veining’ would be rather more of a challenge.

Before After

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Whilst paint stripping and coating removal is always a very intricate job on something like this the results ache vied can sometimes be spectacular. If you have a paint stripping job in the Manchester or Liverpool Merseyside area or in fact any parts of the Uk . 

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