You are currently viewing Are you looking for a company to clean your wet pour or soft pour play area?

Are you looking for a company to clean your wet pour or soft pour play area?

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Are you looking for a professional playground cleaning company? We offer a cost-effective cleaning service for all children’s wet pour and soft pour playgrounds

Playgrounds are, obviously, fundamentally important parts of any village, town or school. When well-maintained, they’re wonderful places for children– giving them great settings in which to exercise and burn off their seemingly boundless energy – but also for parents too, who get to meet up and chat with other parents.


Playground cleaning company in Skelmersdale Lancashire

The crucial part about all of that, however, is their being well-maintained. If they’re not, then parents will simply stop using them and they rapidly become eyesore attracting the wrong sort of visitors. There are two main aspects to that maintenance: safety, and cleanliness.

It basically goes without saying that safety is by far the biggest priority. Parents want their kids to have fun, of course, but they want them to do so within the safest possible environment. Cleanliness is inextricably linked to that safety. The cleaner a playground is, the lower the likelihood of kids suffering, either through illness or injury.

To keep a playground as safe and clean as possible, regular cleaning is an absolute must. You’ve probably heard the old saying “prevention is better than a cure”, and playground cleaning is the best possible method of prevention in this case.

Why is that so? Well, if a playground isn’t cleaned regularly by a playground cleaning company, then a number of hazards can spring up. Playgrounds are situated outside, obviously, and thus are subject to the full range of adverse weather conditions which we experience in the UK. That’s a particularly noteworthy factor after the lengthy, trying winter that we’ve just had.

Over time, that nasty weather can lead to the build-up of a variety of unwanted substances, with algae a noteworthy example. If something like algae is allowed to develop over time, then certain areas of the playground can become very slippery. The possibility of accidents occurring, in this case, is vastly increased. Regular cleaning will help to keep these substances at bay, significantly reducing the chance of ensuing accidents.

Of course, there are also significant hygiene factors to take into account with playgrounds. Between coughs, spills and… other incidents, children can be pretty adept at spreading germs and generally are not noted for tidiness! If a playground is cleaned too infrequently, these things can lead to an increased risk of illness for the kids who play there.

You can see, therefore, that by far the best way to keep your playground safe and clean is by regular playground cleaning. Of course, assuming it’s a privately-owned playground, you could simply try to clean it yourself. In this case, however, we would strongly advise against the DIY approach. Whilst your intentions may be noble, you simply won’t get effective results without using proper equipment and having proper training.

The safest choice, by far, is to hire a professional playground cleaning company like Cleaning Services Ltd. We’re highly experienced in playground cleaning, and bring that expertise – and some pretty heavy-duty equipment – to every single job we undertake. Will this choice cost more? Yes, undoubtedly, but in the long term, our specific none destructive cleaning methods will mean your play areas will last far longer thus saving money.

We follow Eospa guidelines regarding playground cleaning. The Rospa website can be found HERE

To keep your playground as safe and clean as possible, contact Cleaning Services Ltd now a professional playground cleaning company. To do so, just call us on 0800 0933 267, or email us at Or Click HERE