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Why Playground Cleaning is Important

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  • Post published:November 15, 2017
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Parents all over the UK take their children to the playground every day. It’s a place where parents can socialize and children can meet new friends, all while playing in a safe environment.

Whether you have a commercial or private playground, looks matter. You don’t want your playground to look unappealing and run-down or no one will ever want to play there. By ensuring that your playground is kept clean and inviting, more parents will be comfortable with having their children play on your playground. But why else is playground cleaning important?

To attract people

As we mentioned, shiny playgrounds are the most attractive to people passing by. Maybe there’s a mom in her car with two little kids and she’s driving around to see which playground they should stop at. Suddenly, they drive past your playground, which is so shiny that it’s sparkling. It looks just like new! If you were that mom, would you stop? You definitely would! Although cleaning your playground for aesthetics has a positive effect, it’s not the only reason why you should.

For safety

Clean playgrounds are safe playgrounds. When features of a playground aren’t maintained, such as the wet pour surfaces, kids can be in danger. Clogged wet pour is slippery and can lead to several injuries. Cracked cement and dirty artificial grass can also be dangerous; cracked cement can cause kids to trip and fall while artificial grass can harbor dirt and bacteria, which can make kids sick.

To prevent illness

Playgrounds can unfortunately be breeding grounds for the spread of germs. At popular playgrounds, hundreds of kids can all climb on the same equipment in a single day. As we are approaching winter, colds are extremely prevalent among both children and adults. If just one kid is sick when he or she visits the playground, his or her germs can spread rapidly and infect others. Dirt, bacteria and fungi, which can easily gather on wet surfaces, can also cause illnesses. This is why it’s crucial to not only clean your playground, but also sanitize and disinfect using chemicals that completely eliminate germs.

Playgrounds aren’t just made up of the actual playground equipment like the swings or the slide- they also feature wet pour, artificial grass, play carpet and tarmac, all of which need to be cleaned regularly. If you hire a professional external cleaning company, like Cleaning Service Ltd, you will be amazed at what your playground will look like afterwards.

Our staff is educated on why playground equipment deteriorates or gets damaged and we are well-trained in the use of specialized products and tools to clean every kind of playground.

If you need help cleaning your playground to ensure safety and popularity, give Cleaning Service Ltd a call today!