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Is your playground looking a bit sad and lackluster lately? Maybe you’ve had your playground installed for a few years now and you’re debating whether you should have it replaced. You should call playground cleaning services , we can rejuvenate your soft play area.
While it’s true that UK weather and outside factors like graffiti can make your playground seem unattractive, these factors aren’t irreversible! It can be expensive and time-consuming to replace a playground, so why don’t you just have it professionally cleaned instead? Many playground owners think that their playground is beyond help and that a simple cleaning won’t be enough to save it. However, you will be shocked at what a deep cleaning by Cleaning Service Ltd can do for your playground.
Cleaning Service Ltd is a specialist playground cleaning services company that uses advanced cleaning technology and bio-degradable chemicals. We are passionate about providing high quality exterior cleaning services, such as roof cleaning, cladding cleaning and wet pour cleaning, at an affordable rate. Whether you own a commercial or private playground, Cleaning Service Ltd will be able to work within your budget to completely transform your playground.
You might be wondering what we mean by “transform.” We’ve all seen those playgrounds that have clearly been neglected. They are overrun with weeds, have graffiti spray-painted all over the slides and look completely unsafe. Now imagine that you are driving through a nice neighborhood where the grass is cut weekly and the sidewalks are clean and clear of any obstructions. What do you think a playground would look like in this area? The playground equipment would most likely be clean, the grass around the playground would be neatly trimmed and there would be no trash or graffiti in sight. Cleaning Service Ltd is able to transform your playground from the first image to the second image. But how are we able to do this?
Before After

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Cleaning Service Ltd playground cleaning services division  works with highly trained technicians who have years of experience in cleaning wet pour and playgrounds. These technicians take advantage of the latest exterior cleaning technology and used advanced machinery and specialized cleaning products. By hiring a professional company to service your playground a few times per year, it will be easier to maintain the cleanliness yourself for the time in between professional cleans.

When you don’t use professional playground cleaning services , you are unable to deep clean your playground because you lack the experience, training and products. No matter what state your playground is in, we can help give it new life. When you work with us, you will be amazed at the results. When your playground is sparkling clean and well maintained, it will attract more families.

Cleanliness implies safety, which is a main reason why parents feel more comfortable bringing their children to clean playgrounds- they believe that their children are less likely to injure themselves or get sick here and they’re right! You must clean, disinfect and sanitize your playground to ensure safety. If you are at a loss of how to go about doing this, don’t worry! Cleaning Service Ltd has the right products and trained staff members who know how to clean any playground.

Would you rather have the graffiti-ridden, run-down playground or the sparkling clean, tidy playground?

The second one probably sounds a lot better. Give us a call today on 08000933267 or contact us
We can help you completely transform your playground into one that you are proud of.

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