Pressure washing company Scotland

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Pressure washing company Scotland

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Pressure washing company Scotland .Cleaning Service ltd is a professional jet washing company operating in Scotland and surrounding areas. We offer a specialised and very  efficient jet washing service for both residential and commercial property owners. Unlike many other jet washing or pressure washing companies,  We take the time to  select the correct  chemicals and methods which will clean effectively the surface without any damage, or discoloration when dry.

If you own  either a shop, industrial unit or a house, there’s a cleaning service available for you. Cleaning Service Ltd full pressure washing or jet washing service in Scotland. Our  building cleaning is a popular option, with several different techniques depending on the age and type of building. Physical cleaning utilises brushes, pressure washers and soda blasting to rigorously remove dirt and discolouration. Whilst these methods can be used untrained use can leave lasting damage on certain surfaces. Cleaning Service Ltd also offer  a chemical cleaning service. This can include the use of certain solvents or strong acids and alkalis to help remove paint, dirt or other stains.  Cleaning Service ltd  also uses utilise the latest technologies  ie  low-pressure steam to clean without damage. Machines like  ThermaTech® system developed by Restorative Techniques. This equipment uses superheated water to leave surfaces looking brand new, regardless of their age and delicacy, without any damage , marks or shadows.

If you don’t require the cleaning of your entire building, Cleaning Service Ltd also offer a range of  surface specific services which may suit your requirements.  We have based these methods on the scientific research of organic growth, render cleaning methods and substances have been developed to ensure the removal of algae, moss or discolouration from your exterior rendering. We can also offer a free consultation on how  to prevent future soiling .

If you require  a Pressure washing company Scotland. Please feel free to call us on 08000933267 for free advice.

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