Pressure washing company

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Pressure washing company.

Image of pressure washing company covering .lancashire Merseyside and lancashire .

Pressure washing company .

We are a professional pressure washing company/jet washing service to both homeowners and industrial clients. We can undertake all pressure washing jobs. Our jet washing service includes  general cleaning of large areas such as supermarket and car parks, to homeowners driveways and patios.

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Using specialist access we can carry out exterior building cleaning  specialising in difficult to access buildings. We can  wash external cladding on commercial industrial units, roof ands skylights. We undertake sanitising and disinfecting of agricultural sheds, including chicken sheds  and stables.  We have the necessary equipment to carry out paint stripping (using bio-degradable stripper). We have even undertaken the cleaning of boat hulls prior to re-painting.  Recently we have researched and tested new bio-degradable products to help with sanitisation and invested heavily in specialist equipment to undertake cleaning after fire, smoke and flood damage.

If you have been subjected to recent flood damage, please call us on the below number. Whilst (due to high running costs) we still charge for flood damage clean up . We will review each job and try were possible to reduce the costs to all concerned.

If you require the services of  specialist but cost effective pressure washing company, feel free to call us on 08000933267