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How do you remove Algae from External Walls?

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Information : How do you remove Algae from External Walls ?

Algae on buildings can be very damaging to the external appearance of a property.
The problem is that Algae grows quickly and can be difficult to remove.

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Algae growth on external walls is a common issue affecting millions of homes across the UK. Constant exposure to wind, rain and temperate conditions allows algae to attach to the surface of the brick and grow quickly.

Initially, the algae spores are carried through the air and attach to the surface of a wet brick, where the moist conditions and climate allow the algae to rapidly spread across the face of the brick and work its way into the nooks of the wall. This issue only worsens over time and encourages a range of other issues that undermine the appeal of your external facades.

Only a thorough treatment with specific detergents will effectively remove the algae at their source, killing the growth itself and eliminating the issue’s root. This method ensures that the cleaning work has the best effect, clearing the surface of any algae and extending the clean’s life, removing the initial growth.

These detergents are highly specific biocides that an experienced team should only apply. These detergents are usually applied using water-fed poles, which allow us to apply biocide at height, which is essential when removing algae from high external walls. The poles allow us to brush the detergent into the algae and maintain close control, allowing the detergent to dig into the algae membrane and begin the breakdown of the colony.

How do you remove Algae from External Walls

Following a successful application of the biocide solution, the algae will have already begun to break down; now, a high-power pressure wash is required to clear the algae away from the face of the wall itself; this also acts to remove any other dirt attached to the wall. Our team are highly experienced in using pressure washers and understands how to utilise them most effectively to get the best results with no risk to the wall itself. This process effectively removes large algae build-ups and compliments the application of the biocides, which better focuses on flat algae staining.

As mentioned, Algae growth is one of the most common problems that affect external walls, and a good team will recognise that algae growth comes in two forms, characterised by two different colours, green and red algae growth.

In our experience of removing algae growth from external walls, green algae indicate a more juvenile colony, possibly only having existed for a few months. This algae is easier to treat, usually removed with minimal biocide application and vital power-washing treatment. Because of the colony’s youth, it has not had the opportunity to ground itself into the surface of the membrane and so is removed easier. However, these colonies still spread quickly, frequently covering the entire wall in algae.

The second type of colony is characterised by its red colour, with darker shades indicating a more advanced colony. This algae is the most difficult to remove but is still effectively treated and removed with specific biocides and a strong power-washing treatment. This treatment removes dirt or grime from the wall’s surface and frequently delivers the best results.

Cleaning algae is an intensive job, requiring detergents, power washers and other specific equipment, depending on the scale and complexity of the job.

Flexibility is critical when approaching a new job; a good team understands that each job presents unique problems with access, cleaning, and timetabling. Cleaning flexibility relates to the team’s ability to react and solve the range of issues that may be present; a team flexible in their cleaning approach will blend strong experience with the best equipment available. Flexibility regarding other areas is vital, and we view flexibility in communication as a cornerstone of our success.

We will always ensure that we understand your parameters for the job, your requirements, timetable and availability and that you understand how we will approach the job and any issues we encounter. This way, you can rest easy knowing that a highly experienced professional team is treating your wall with care whilst effectively removing algae and other issues.

Health and safety are key considerations when dealing with algae cleaning; the biocides and pressure washers are potentially hazardous if not used by an experienced and certified team such as ourselves.

Following a successful cleaning, the team will inform you of all the issues resolved, how they were resolved and how to prolong the life of a cleaning. We will consider environmental considerations and any issues with the property, such as damaged drainage that acts as a catalyst for algae growth. We aim to clean the property to the highest quality possible and extend that clean’s life for as long as possible.

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