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How to remove rust stains from pebbledash .

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If you need advice on how to remove rust stains from pebble dash you have come to the right place.

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Firstly the rust stains are not actually rust stains. Believe it or not, it’s a type of Green algae!

If your home or business premises is suffering from green algae on the walls chances are that it is finished with a coloured render or some form of pebbledash. These surfaces are porous and highly susceptible to green algae colonising on the surface. You can also see it on unpainted plastered walls and unpainted roof apexes.

These through coloured renders and pebble dash type surfaces are an excellent finish to modern buildings. Generally, they are fairly low maintenance and mostly they never need for painting.

There are several reasons why these algae blooms occur on the render on render. Algae like surfaces such as walls that remain damp,  this can be North facing, shaded areas or “mechanical” problems leaking gutters etc. Those with overhanging trees or in the shadow of a neighbours property are also a common cause.

We specialise in the treatment of Red and green algae on render. We can also treat the green and black marks on the render that usually accompany it. So let us get back to ” How to remove rust stains from pebble dash”.

Depending on the severity of the growth we have several options for cleaning it.

First, we identify the type of Algae. The Red or Green algae on render is easily cleaned with a simple application by low-pressure SPRAY  of a water-based bio-degradable biocide. This spray gets to work and within hours the algae growth dies. We then hand the process over to mother nature.  The wind and rain are left to gently wash away the dead algae debris. On most domestic properties we can carry out the work from the safety of the ground , eliminating the cost of expensive scaffolding etc thus keeping the service affordable to homeowners. Once we have done the initial deep clean we then offer a yearly maintenance service, where the building is resprayed to keep it looking good.

For commercial clients, we offer the same great value service. Due to confined/restricted areas, we are also trained in the use of rope access and cherry pickers hire. We also work evenings and weekends as not to disrupt the day to day running of your business.

If you have Red algae on render or you need to know “How to remove rust stains from pebble dash” call us today for free advice on 08000933267 or contact us here 

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