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Do you need Render cleaning in Aberystwyth ?

image of Render cleaning Aberystwyth lake district

The Red marks seen on building walls in Aberystwyth is actually an  Algae from the genus Trentepohlia which  believe it or notthis is actually a green algae !  .  This type of Red Algae is a  free-living species which are mostly yellow to bright orange or red-brown in colour, due to the orange pigment, haematochrome (β-carotene), This colour is vivid it usually hides the green of the chlorophyll.

The species  is terrestrial and is often found in Europe on rocks, walls and tree bark. Where they are found living on the surfaces of buildings,it is  usually found on  render of some form.Not only usightly  they can if left it can cause severe mechanical degradation and deterioration to soft renders such as k rend.

Ok thats enough of what living on the render lets she what we can do regarding Render cleaning  Aberystwyth.

Treatment for red algae on walls comes in the form of low pressure chemical application . Low pressure is used when  Render cleaning in Aberystwyth to ensure no damage occurs to  the  render on the walls. We custom mix bio-degradable chemicals , this is adjusted to suit the type and level of  red algae staining. We then apply the Treatment for red algae to the walls for this process we have purchased specialist pumps. These apply at low flow and low pressure.  Most of the time we can work from the ground , this is the case on most domestic properties . By doing this it helps in  reducing the cost to the homeowner as we dont have the cost of expensive access equipment or scaffolding.

After we have applied  the treatment the Red or green algae generally dies within 24 hours. The wind and the rain then  carries  on gently  cleaning the building till it is restored to new.

Although the chemical we use  are  bio-degradable they do  remain in the pores of the render  it continues to leech out , thus providing a long term residual cleaning effect that other treatments cannot.

If you require Render cleaning Aberystwyth for red algae on render or walls , why not call us? We offer  free no obligation advice , if you are willing to clean your build yourself we also offer advice on all aspects of this from mixing to application rates.

Whilst we mailty carry out render cleaning Aberystwyth but we have travelled all over the uk cleaning various types of buildings and we feel we are one of the UK’S best render cleaning specialists . We are recommended by the manufacturers render  themselves, Our metheods and chemicals will not invalidate any warrenties you have on your render. We also clean render for other cleaning companies.

If you require Render cleaning Aberystwyth or if red algae on walls or green algae on render contact us 08000933267 for free advice.